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Can I have more than one Google Voice number on my phone?

Can I have more than one Google Voice number

If your business is expanding, or you want to offer clients different numbers for different locations or departments, you might wonder: How many Google Voice numbers can you have? Can I have more than one Google Voice number or is one the max?

The answer isn’t as straightforward as you might think (or hope). You can have more than one Google Voice number — but not using the free service consumers know best. To set up multiple numbers, you’ll have to jump through some hoops. We’ll go over your options, then provide a better alternative for business use.

Can I have more than one Google Voice number?

Getting more than one number on a free Google Voice account isn’t possible. Google Voice limits each user to a single phone number.

There are two workarounds you can use to access multiple numbers through the Google Voice app, but both options come with some drawbacks.

Option 1: Use Google Voice and Google Fiber Phone

Can I have more than one Google Voice number: Google Fiber Phone

While you can’t have two free Google Voice numbers, you can get a second phone number through Google Fiber Phone, a VoIP phone service that’s designed to replace landlines. To do so, you’ll have to follow a somewhat complex setup process:

  1. Create your free Google Voice number on
  2. Set up your Google Fiber Phone number, which starts at $10 per month.
  3. Within 90 days of setting up your new phone number on Google Fiber, head back to Google Voice and select “Legacy Google Voice” from the menu.
  4. From the “Phones” tab of your Legacy Google Voice settings, tap “Make permanent” next to the GV number you originally created.
  5. Follow the instructions on your screen to confirm and pay a one-time $20 fee. The only exception to this fee is if you previously ported an existing phone number to use as your GV number, as you would have already paid a fee.

Once you complete these steps, you can make and receive calls and text messages with your Google Fiber phone number with the Google Voice app, or using an existing desk phone.

Your old number — the one you created directly through Google Voice — will be accessible as a secondary phone number through Legacy Google Voice with limited GV features.

Lack of business features

Google Voice and Google Fiber aren’t built for businesses. Google Voice is meant for personal use, so it only offers basic calling, text messaging, and voicemail features.

And while Google Fiber Phone can be used on mobile phones, it’s intended to be a home phone service. You won’t be able to collaborate with your team, record calls, or access other key business features.

What’s more, the only way to have numbers on both services is by designating one as your secondary number. While you’ll get all the incoming calls and texts that are directed to your secondary number, only your primary phone number can make outbound voice calls and texts.

Your secondary Google Voice number can’t fully provide standard cell phone features like outbound calling or responding to messages, much less business features.

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Limited availability

While Google Voice is pretty widely available, Google Fiber is only available in a handful of cities — mainly large metro areas like San Francisco, Nashville, and Chicago. These only include US cities, so you won’t be able to get a Canadian phone number.

If you don’t live in one of Google Fiber’s service areas, you’re out of luck when it comes to using this workaround to access more than one number on Google Voice.

Option 2: Use Google Voice for Google Workspace

If you want to access more than one Google Voice number — without subscribing to Fiber or hopping between multiple GV accounts — you’ll need to subscribe to Google Voice for Google Workspace. This paid service is a business phone system, which means you can get multiple numbers and more work phone features than with a free account or Google Fiber Phone.

But compared to other VoIP services, Voice for Google Workspace lacks many helpful features modern businesses need.

Key features locked behind higher-tier plans

When you choose a VoIP service provider, you want a virtual phone that can provide standard business features, no matter which plan you choose. But to be able to have call recordings, an auto-attendant or multiple team members answering calls from the same number, you’ll need an upgraded Google Voice for Google Workspace plan.

VoIP phone services like OpenPhone offer these features with every plan.

Lack of integrations

GV business accounts can integrate with Google Calendar and Google Meet, but you’ll be disappointed if you’re hoping to connect your VoIP phone to any other app you use.

Two paid subscriptions required

Google Voice for Google Workspace offers plans starting at $10 per user per month, but using the service isn’t actually that affordable since you also need to have a Google Workspace account.  Those start at $6 per user per month. Double the cost is double the trouble.

The better alternative: Get multiple phone numbers with OpenPhone

Can I have more than one Google Voice number: OpenPhone desktop and mobile app

You don’t need to pay multiple subscriptions or go through complex setup processes to get more than one virtual phone number for your business.

With OpenPhone, you can sign up for as many VoIP numbers as you need after completing one simple signup process — and access more advanced business phone features while you’re at it. Here’s how OpenPhone stacks up to Google Voice, Google Fiber Phone, and Google Voice for Google Workspace.

Easier access to any number

With OpenPhone, you can easily switch between inboxes to call, text, and check your voicemail from any of your phone numbers. All you need is one app — available on desktops, browsers, iPhones, and Android phones — to do so. 

In comparison, if you’re pairing a free Google Voice number with a Google Fiber Phone, you’ll have to switch between the standard Google Voice platform and the Legacy Google Voice platform to access your numbers. Plus, you won’t be able to have more than those two numbers on one phone.

More team features

OpenPhone is far more powerful than a standard cell phone number, and offers more business features than any of Google’s phone services. You can share business phone numbers with your team members, so you can have multiple people fielding calls or texts from each of your numbers. Plus, when you share numbers, you can:

  • See exactly when your team members are on a call or typing, so you know who’s working on what
  • Divvy up responsibility for responding to inquiries, whether it’s for your sales, support, or any other general line
  • Mention teammates to collaborate on conversations

More straightforward pricing

OpenPhone offers plans starting at $15 per user per month, and you get one free phone number with every user. Any additional numbers that exceed your team’s total users are just $5 per month. 

Get more phone numbers and features you need

Getting more than one phone number with Google Voice can be a hassle for limited business features and complex pricing. With OpenPhone, you can access an unlimited amount of numbers with greater ease, with more advanced features and a simpler pricing structure.

Start your free trial of OpenPhone today.

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