Non-fixed VoIP

Non-fixed VoIP: The essential guide

Non-fixed VoIP phone numbers are the communication solution you might be missing out on. Learn what they are and the advantages they offer.

How to get a virtual phone number

How to get a virtual phone number

With the recent COVID-19 pandemic forcing many employees to work from home, businesses are quickly switching to virtual phone services. In this post, we’ll go over how virtual phone systems work, how to set up a virtual phone system, and why your business benefits from virtual numbers.

How to get 2 phone numbers on 1 phone

How to get 2 phone numbers on 1 phone

This guide explains how to get two phone numbers on one phone, how you know which line is ringing, and how to set up outgoing caller ID.

How to get VoIP number

How to get a VoIP number: Step-by-step guide

Make the best move for your business and learn how to get a VoIP number. We’ll walk you through the process and provide tips to choose a provider.

VoIP Salesforce integration

10 best VoIP integrations for Salesforce

If you use Salesforce for your CRM, you’ll want to find out what the best VoIP Salesforce integrations are — and what you can expect to pay.