If your team uses Slack, chances are that a lot of internal communications live there. Wouldn’t it be great if you could automatically forward text messages from customers to relevant Slack channels?

There are many possibilities:

  • Surface customer feedback to the whole team
  • Streamline communications of your support team
  • Get immediate insight into the customer experience

That’s why we’ve built the Slack integration at OpenPhone. Here we’ll show step by step how you can push incoming MMS and SMS messages to Slack.

1. Get your OpenPhone number

If you have an OpenPhone number, skip this step. Otherwise, here’s how you can get started.

  1. Go to OpenPhone.co and click to Start Free Trial
  2. Enter your email or choose Google Sign In
  3. Pick your OpenPhone number
  4. Enter your credit card to start the trial. You can cancel anytime and won’t be charged until after the trial
Sign up for a phone number to forward sms message to Slack
You’ll be able to pick a local or toll-free among thousands of numbers available

2. Connect OpenPhone to Slack

  1. Go to Phone Numbers in your OpenPhone Admin Dashboard ⤴️
  2. Select your OpenPhone number
  3. Click on Add next to Slack
  4. Select the Slack channel you’d like OpenPhone to post to
  5. Click Allow to grant OpenPhone permission to post in your Slack workspace
Confirmation page to connect OpenPhone with Slack
You can choose to post OpenPhone events to any Slack channel or thread

3. Select events to post to Slack

You can modify which events are posted to Slack by clicking on Select Events in your OpenPhone Admin Dashboard. By default, voicemail, text messages and missed calls will be posted so you can forward texts, missed call notifications, and voicemail to Slack.

Confirm which events including incoming SMS messages, missed calls, and voicemail you want to push to Slack
Select what activities you’d like to post to Slack

That’s it. Now you can see your OpenPhone voicemail, text messages and missed calls in Slack so everyone is on the same page.

SMS message example forwarded to Slack
Success 🎉Your Slack workspace just got to the next level.

With OpenPhone, you can also automatically forward texts to your email inbox and forwards calls to another device. See for yourself how much time you save while still staying on top of all your business contacts. Try OpenPhone free for seven days.

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  1. Silvia Rodriguez Reply

    Hi, I’ve been using your openphone for a couple of weeks and I’m very happy with the service, suddenly the voicemail to text messages are not very accurate but overall I’m satisfied with the service, thanks!

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