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We’re looking for our Head of Marketing

Head of Marketing Job Description

Three years ago we started OpenPhone with a simple question. Why has the phone seen no innovation for over a decade?

A phone number is a universal communication channel (you most definitely have one) but the software that powers it is stuck in the past. ☎️

Spam calls, no way to mark texts as unread in iMessage, not to mention the eternal quest for a decent address book app. You’ve probably experienced at least some of these annoyances as a consumer.

But it’s so much worse when you’re using your phone number for work.

No privacy, no separation between personal and business communications, no way to collaborate on conversations with your team as the business grows, missed calls leading to lost revenue. I could go on…

If your phone app was built for work, it would combine calls, messages, and contacts into one beautiful interface. It would allow you to bring your team over when you need help responding to calls. It would look like OpenPhone.

Fast forward to today…

We’ve raised our Series A, are growing fast (all organic), and are the #1 rated business phone on G2.

And that’s where you come in. We’re looking for our Head of Marketing to take us to the next stage of our growth. Up for a challenge? Let me show you behind the scenes so you can decide for yourself.

About the role

There are many aspects of marketing, and while it’s tempting to look for someone who can do-it-all, we’re looking for the right marketer for OpenPhone.

Our ideal Head of Marketing is a product marketing expert. We’re an innovative product in a busy market. Being able to position ourselves properly is paramount to everything we do. This is something you’re excited to work on.

There’s a lot more you’ll do outside of product marketing, but we believe that will set the right foundation. We don’t expect you to be able to do it all on your own, by the way. We’re looking for a leader who will build out their team.

Here are some of the things you’ll be responsible for:

  • Positioning. You’ll take the time to understand the market, our customers, and the different use cases we serve.
  • Messaging. You’ll create simple, elegant, and consistent messaging that will resonate with our customers.
  • Performance marketing. We haven’t experimented with paid acquisition yet and there’s so much potential here. You’ll oversee paid search, paid social, and everything from sponsoring podcasts, newsletters, to offline advertising. We’ve got our billboard ready, just saying. 😉
  • Content marketing. This blog you’re on right now is our second best customer acquisition channel (after word of mouth). We’ve seen the power of SEO and we’re ready to scale our content efforts.
  • Lifecycle / customer marketing. We’ve got thousands of customers all around the world and need scalable programs to help them get the most out of our product. We also want to highlight the success our customers are having with OpenPhone and share their stories.
  • Sales enablement. We’ve recently brought on our first sales hire and are looking to grow the sales team. Making sure they have what they need to be successful is going to be critical in the second half of this year.

We’re looking for a leader who doesn’t need to be told what to do. We expect you to tell us what needs your time and attention and what can wait.

Why you should be excited about this role

  • We’re a small team of 18 and you’ll be our first marketer. You’ll have a significant impact on the business and our growth trajectory.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to build out the marketing team, as well as work with great agencies and freelancers where appropriate.
  • You’ll help us bring a modern product to 33+ million small businesses in the US & Canada currently running on legacy phone solutions.
  • We’ve got a very strong land & expand motion (200%+ net revenue retention for teams).
  • You’ll work with founders who get marketing. I might be a little biased here, but we have a lot of appreciation for marketing. You won’t have to fight for a seat at the table.
  • We’re a tight-knit, passionate team and you’ll be working closely with everyone in the company. You’ll be able to influence all areas of the business.
  • We’ve been a remote company since pre-COVID, and put a lot of effort into staying connected despite the distance. If you’re a fan of trivia, digital board games, and escape rooms, you’ll fit right in. 🙂
  • We love sharing our journey and lessons learned along the way. So far, they’ve taken the form of posts like this and this.
  • According to our customers, the product “basically sells itself”.
  • We’re truly making a difference for our customers.

Why this might not be a good fit

  • We’re a horizontal product with multiple personas, use cases, and buyer profiles. We have both a bottom-up and a top-down buying motion. If you’re comfortable with products that serve 1 very specific buyer, we won’t be a good fit.
  • We’re serving thousands of small businesses and startups around the world. If you come from the Enterprise world where you can spend virtually any amount to acquire a single customer, you’ll find yourself in a rather different environment here.
  • We are still working on setting up a lot of data infrastructure. If you’re used to having all the data readily available at your fingertips, this will be a bit challenging.
  • We’re a very small team. While we’re well-funded, we don’t have all teams established yet – such as sales enablement and customer success – so if you’re used to working with folks in these functions, this won’t be fun initially. (We’re actively hiring though)
  • We’re a very fast-moving bunch which means priorities and initiatives can change quickly. If you’re not used to fast-paced environments, this won’t be the right fit.

About you

  • You’re a hands-on marketing leader and absolutely love your craft.
  • You’re not afraid to roll up your sleeves and be an individual contributor as you’re building your team.
  • You’re highly analytical and can monitor, analyze, and iterate on programs across the funnel.
  • You’re really great at positioning. You’ve likely worked in Product Marketing before.
  • You are an exceptional communicator and can distill complexity and industry jargon into simple messaging our customers will resonate with.
  • You have experience managing other people and working with agencies.
  • You have significant experience working in SaaS marketing. You’re excited to make a massive impact in a company that’s gearing up for hypergrowth.
  • You have sufficient overlap with PST in your working day.

How to apply

You can apply here. We look forward to hearing from you. 🙂

If you’re a little earlier in your career and looking for an individual contributor role, check out the Product Marketing Manager role.

Want to learn more?

Join our weekly live demo. It’s a great way to see the product in action, meet some of us, and check out what we’re up to.

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