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Heartwarming holiday greeting texts: 20 examples to send to customers

Holiday text messages

If you’re like most businesses, you strive to provide a customer experience (CX) that meets rising consumer expectations. But as you invest in CX tools and improve internal processes, you could be overlooking a simple way to strengthen relationships with your customers: sending personalized holiday text messages. 

Whether you craft a beautiful, heartwarming Christmas message or something more secular, your text is a chance to say thanks, wish them well next year, and set expectations for your availability during the holidays. 

We know you have a lot on your plate this time of year. That’s why we’ve created a holiday texting guide. First, we’ll address an important question about sending holiday text messages to customers. Plus, share 20 business text templates you can use for your company. And we’ll wrap up with a review of best practices to consider while creating holiday greeting texts for your customers.  

Let’s get to it. 

Should I be saying Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays in texts? 

You’re not alone if you aren’t sure if you should say “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays” in your text. Because the last thing you want to do is offend any customers or make assumptions about their religious practices.

Deciding on the proper greeting is easier when you know your customers. For example, Andrew Clark, the Director of Organic Growth Marketing at David Market, knows that many of his clients observe Jewish holidays. So in October, he sent a text wishing them an easy fast for Yom Kippur. “It helps us genuinely connect with customers celebrating an important time of year. In addition, it serves as a lead-in for broader check-in emails about projects needing attention.” 

So if you know which holiday your customers celebrate, by all means, say “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Hanukkah.” Otherwise, consider using the more inclusive “Happy Holidays” or “Seasons Greetings.”

Of course, you can avoid the dilemma altogether and craft a short holiday message using phrases such as:

  • Wishing you the best during this joyous holiday season
  • However you celebrate this special season, we hope it’s the best holiday yet
  • We hope all your holiday wishes come true 
  • Warmest wishes for a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year
  • It’s that time of year when we take a moment to thank our cherished customers

Hopefully, your customers will accept your greeting in the spirit you intended, whichever wording you choose. 

Now let’s look at some texts you can send your customers. 

20 Holiday text message examples

You’re as busy as your customers are this time of year, so you don’t need to add another item to your to-do list. That’s why we’ve created some holiday text examples to help you save time, whether you’re going for a warm, professional, or funny greeting. We’ve also included some real-world examples for inspiration.

As a reminder, your holiday text message must adhere to compliance rules for SMS messages and include an opt-out message, such as: “Text END to opt out of messages.”  

Warm holiday greeting text examples

A warm message is a pretty safe bet for any business, especially small businesses that may have more personal interactions with their customers. Here are two examples: 

Wendi Mahoney, the owner of FillYourCup, sends a warm, appreciative text to her customers. 

Example: Hi [name]. I’m so grateful for your early support as I approach my 1st anniversary. You’ve helped make this little dream of mine come true. I hope you and yours have a happy holiday season. I can’t wait to hear what you think about the new products for 2023. Cheers, [name]. To opt out of text messages, reply STOP.
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For a more personal and heartwarming holiday message, you can weave your business’ mission into your message like Arthur Worsley, Founder of The Art of Living

Example: Dear [name], We hope this holiday season gives you time to reflect on all of your hard work this past year. You deserve all the credit for all the major hurdles you’ve overcome and for prioritizing a healthier, more balanced you. We look forward to helping you achieve bigger career and life goals next year, but for now, we hope you’re enjoying the company of the ones most dear to you. We’re super excited to be a part of your success this coming year. Happy holidays! Reply STOP to opt out of texts.
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Here are some other warm holiday text message examples to personalize for your business and customer. 

Dear [name], May the magic of this special time fill your heart with joy that lasts throughout the whole year. Happy Holidays! Your friends at [company name]. Reply STOP to opt out of texts.
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[Name], We hope you have a joyous, beautiful holiday season filled with laughter, good cheer, and lots of love from those you hold dear. Warmest thoughts, [company name]. Respond STOP to opt out of texts.
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Dear [name], from our family to yours, we’d like to extend our warmest thoughts for a safe, happy, and healthy holiday. [company name]. To opt out of SMS, reply STOP.
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[Name], All of us at [company name] wish you and yours a happy Christmas and New Year. Thanks for putting your trust in us. To stop receiving texts, reply STOP.
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Everyone at [company name] hopes every good thing and more comes your way during this special time of year. Thanks for being a loyal customer, [name]. Respond STOP to opt out.
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Funny holiday greeting text examples

A funny holiday greeting can delight a recipient — or it can fall flat. So you should know your customers well when choosing a humorous approach. 

Consider injecting a little nostalgia from a favorite Christmas movie, referencing a holiday quote, or repurposing the message from a funny greeting card. But a word to the wise: If you’re unsure about using that edgy joke, sarcasm, or industry slang — when in doubt, leave it out. 

Here are a few funny holiday greetings for inspiration. 

[Name], There are worse things than being on Santa’s naughty list — running out of [product] over the holidays. Thanks for always stocking up and being part of our family. Here’s to ringing in the New Year in style. Your friends at [company name]. Text END to opt out of messages.
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[Name], This special time of year can be a little overwhelming — especially if your Cousin Eddie’s camped out in your driveway. Know that we’ll always be a place you can escape to and call home. Happy Holidays! Your friends at [business name]. Reply STOP to opt out of SMS.
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[Name], this year we’re hoping that Santa Claus brings you and all our fellow downhill fanatics deep powder, fresh tracks, and short lift lines. Happy Holidays from your friends at [company name]. To opt out of messages, reply STOP.
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Professional holiday greeting texts

If “warm” feels a little bit mushy and “funny” feels a little bit risky, you can’t go wrong with a professional message. 

Nathan Sanders, CEO of Plumbing Navigator, sends a short, simple, and sincere message.

Example: Dear [name]. During this holiday season, we’d like to take a moment to thank you for being our client. It means the world to us that you’ve allowed us to be at your service. Enjoy your holidays, and we look forward to working with you more in the coming year. Happy Holidays, [business name]. To stop getting texts from us, respond STOP.
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Here are other professional holiday greeting examples you can personalize for your business and customers. 

Dear [name], Having customers like you is the best part of being in our business. Thank you for allowing us to do what we love. Best wishes to you and yours for a wonderful holiday season. From all of us at [company name]. To stop getting texts, reply S.
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Dear [name]. Our thoughts are with those who have made our success possible during the holiday season. We want to say thank you and send our very best wishes for the holidays and the New Year. Sincerely, [company name]. Respond STOP to opt out of texts.
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Hi [name]. Our family at [company name] wishes you peace, joy, and prosperity now and throughout the coming year. Thank you for your business. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Reply S to opt out of SMS.
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Hi [name]. We’re so grateful for another year of your friendship and business. We hope this wonderful Christmas season brings good health and happy memories. God bless, [company name]. To stop receiving SMS, respond STOP.
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Out-of-Office holiday greeting text examples

You may want to send a text that details your holiday hours, whether you share it proactively or as an auto-reply when someone reaches out. Be sure to include a link to any available self-service options (e.g., a knowledge base or FAQ page) so customers can help themselves when possible.   

Here are some out-of-office text messages combined with a holiday greeting.  

Happy Holidays and thanks for contacting [name of business]. We are closed for Christmas, returning on [date]. We will get in touch as soon as we can. To stop receiving texts, reply STOP.
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Dear [name], we’ll be providing limited support from [date range] in observance of Christmas and New Year’s. We’ll try our best to get back to you quickly. Remember, you can always access our knowledge base here: [link]. Enjoy the holidays. Your friends at [company name]. Text END to opt out of messages.
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‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even…us! Thanks for reaching out. We’re closed today and tomorrow. We will get back to you on the 26th. Have a great holiday. Reply S to stop receiving texts.
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Dear [name], I wanted to share that we’re limiting our business hours this week so we can enjoy the holidays with our friends and families: [hours]. We hope you’ll be able to enjoy quality time with yours too. We look forward to speaking with you soon. Happy Holidays!  Respond STOP to opt out of texts.
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Holiday text message best practices

There are several best practices to consider when you send customers a holiday SMS message. 

1. Leverage time-saving snippets

Holiday text messages: Using snippets to send Christmas greetings quickly to multiple customers

Once you’ve created a few holiday text variations to send to customers, you don’t need to waste time typing them again and again. If you’re an OpenPhone user, you can save your go-to messages as snippets. Just type “/snippets” into the text box, select the appropriate message and move on to your next task. 👏

2. Use auto-replies to set expectations

Holiday text messages: Setting up auto-replies in the OpenPhone desktop or browser app

Not every business can provide immediate support over the holidays — and that’s okay if you have properly set your customers’ expectations. Use auto-replies to share a warm greeting, your special holiday business hours, and when they can expect to hear back. 

3. Update your voicemail to share holiday hours

When you send an SMS greeting detailing your holiday business hours, assume only some recipients will read it, let alone commit it to memory. Make sure you update your voicemail greeting in case they call your business.  

4. Inject a little holiday spirit with MMS

Adding emojis to your standard text communications with customers may not be appropriate, depending on your brand or business. However, consider adding MMS to your holiday greetings to capture the joy of the season and connect with your customers. 🎄 

5. Follow the rules

Yes, even if you just wish your customers “Merry Christmas,” “Happy Holidays,” or “Happy New Year,” the cardinal rule of business SMS still applies: You must include an opt out every time. Otherwise, you risk a bah humbug-type consequence — the customer’s mobile provider flagging your business phone number as spam. 

6. Mute notifications 

Everyone should be able to unplug over the holidays — so long as you don’t leave your customers in the dark. So once you’ve set your auto-replies, go ahead and mute your notifications so you can enjoy a little rest and relaxation. 😴

7. Skip the sales pitch

There are plenty of opportunities throughout the year to drive sales, so keep your focus on expressing thanks and warm wishes. 

Michael Nemeroff, CEO and Co-Founder of Rush Order Tees, uses holiday SMS to show gratitude for their clients: “We truly wouldn’t be where we are without them, and we want them to know how much that means to us. So we don’t feel that it’s necessary to combine this with an offer — that would take away from the sincerity of the message.”

8. Make it personal

Since the onset of the pandemic, consumers’ expectations for personalization have escalated dramatically. According to Mckinsey, 71% of today’s consumers expect businesses to deliver personalized communications. So with that in mind, address each customer by name. 

Sleigh your holiday communications with OpenPhone

Getting a real break over the holidays can feel like a Christmas miracle for a business owner or team leader. But having the right phone system in place can help give you peace of mind so you can enjoy some time off. OpenPhone enables you to set expectations automatically for when you’re off and — keep your teams aligned on all phone and text communications with your customers over the holidays and throughout the year. 🎉

Sign up for a free trial of OpenPhone and see how it can support your business (and your holiday text messages). 

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