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Introducing OpenPhone for teams

OpenPhone for Teams Featured Image

When we started OpenPhone three years ago we saw a future where the phone is much more collaborative, integrated, and open. A phone number is such a powerful communication channel, yet the software powering it is stuck in the past. We thought we could do better.

And this brings us to today…

Before I share what exactly we’re launching, let me tell you a quick story.

Over the winter holidays, our team took turns in responding to texts on our Customer Support OpenPhone number.

We found that we’d frequently screenshot a message from a customer and post it in Slack asking for input on a problem from others on the team. Or we’d ping someone directly asking for their help on an issue. It got chaotic very quickly.

We wished we could loop someone in and get their input without leaving OpenPhone, right in the context of that conversation. That would have helped us get back to customers faster. We would also have a far less stressful holiday.

That frustration and a lot of your feedback led us here.

Say hello to OpenPhone for Teams.

Here’s what’s inside:

Collaborate in internal threads

Work with your teammates behind the scenes to collaborate on incoming issues and queries, right in the context of the conversation. The customer never sees internal comments, don’t worry!

Create threads right in the context of a conversation to keep your comments organized

Mention your teammates

Notify the right people, get input from your team, and get things done faster. You can mention both individual folks and everyone who has access to the phone number.

Loop your teammates in to get help easily

React with emoji

Throw a quick 👍 or 🙏 (or anything you feel like, really) on a message. Who said business phones need to be boring?

Sometimes, an emoji is worth a thousand words

Connect OpenPhone to HubSpot

Maintain a single source of truth by logging OpenPhone calls, messages, recordings, and voicemail to the relevant HubSpot records. No more wondering when was the last time you were in touch with a prospect (or what activities contribute to revenue most) 💰

HubSpot integration is a part of the Business OpenPhone plan. You can upgrade to it right here in the “Billing” section of the admin dashboard. If you’d like to learn more about what’s possible, check out this blog post or contact our Sales team.

Connect OpenPhone to HubSpot CRM to maintain a single source of truth

Coming soon

We’ve got a lot more coming your way soon:

  • A lot more integrations. We’re not stopping with HubSpot. What tools do you want to connect to OpenPhone? Let us know (ps – we connect to thousands of apps through Zapier already)
  • Referral program. Though if you love OpenPhone and want to share it with your friends prior to the referral program going live, we won’t oppose it. 😉
  • Much more. How can we make OpenPhone better for you and your team? We’re all ears .

Live on Product Hunt

We’re also live on Product Hunt today and would love your support there ⤴️. Our team will be hanging out there answering questions so come on over.

We’re hiring

It’s a very special time to join our team.

We recently raised our Series A, are hiring across the board (Marketing, Talent, Engineering, Product, Customer Experience), and are looking for passionate and kind individuals who want to help businesses grow through better communication. Does this sound exciting? Please apply – we’re excited to meet you!

We’re excited to get your feedback on these features and see how you collaborate with your team in OpenPhone. If you don’t have OpenPhone yet, sign up for a free trial.

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