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magicJack vs Vonage: Which VoIP provider is the right fit for you?

magicJack vs Vonage

Does magicJack vs Vonage have what your business is looking for? Or are they just another phone service?

This article will try to prove just that, comparing magicJack vs Vonage based on price, features, and integrations. If none of it really meets your criteria, we’ve got a third internet phone solution that could be the perfect solution. 💡

1. magicJack vs Vonage pricing: Which gives you more?

Winner: Vonage

Vonage Business might win based on its single-line price, but it has quite a few additional fees tacked onto the total. 📌

magicJACK vs Vonage: Vonage Business pricing from their website

To start with, Vonage’s pricing page is extremely confusing. The actual dollar amount varies by the number of teammates your company has, which can make accurate billing hard to calculate.

Vonage’s basic plan starts at $19.99 per month per line (for solopreneurs and teams up to 4 users), not including taxes or fees (admit it, you saw that coming). 

The price of Vonage’s basic plan goes down as you add more users:

  • Teams of 5-19 users – $17.99 per month per line for their basic plan
  • Teams of 20-100 users – $14.99 per line for their basic plan

In other words, smaller teams have to spend more money to get the same level of basic service. 😬

magicJACK vs Vonage: magicJack for business pricing from their website

magicJack presents you with a $15.99 per month per line price (not including the phone you’ll need to buy with it). This doesn’t include add-on fees, with additional costs for phone menus, virtual fax, and toll-free numbers

Number porting is also an additional cost, although you would have to call customer support for the actual price (it’s not publicly listed). Case in point: as your months of service with magicJack drag on, phone bills could start to look a little bit bloated. 💥

2. magicJack vs Vonage features: Which has the most business-friendly features? 

Winner: Vonage

Vonage takes the lead on this one, with a list of features that include:

  • Calls and SMS
  • Caller ID
  • Mobile and desktop apps
  • Long-distance calling
  • Call blocking
  • Three-way calling
  • Team Messaging

If you’re thinking these ‘features’ look a little light, it’s because they’re the main features available on the standard plan. Call recordings, voicemail transcriptions, and video conferencing are available with the Vonage Advanced plan. You can also purchase these as add-ons, but the costs quickly add up:

  • Call recording – $49.99 for 500 hours per month (organization-wide) or $4.99/month per extension for 15 hours of recording
  • Voicemail transcripts – $4.99 per extension per month
  • Call Groups – $4.99 per month per call group (Up to 28 groups)

For call recordings, only 15 hours of recordings are available on-demand, and no automatic call recording options exist. Toll-free numbers and business texting are available, but only to customers located within the US If you’re internationally located, these features probably aren’t going to cut it for you. ✂️

Comparing Vonage vs magicJack, magicJack’s costs are a little bit higher, but the features provided are standard at best. Keep in mind texting is only available on the mobile app, and it only supports SMS options. 

Using Vonage and magicJack for business lack in terms of texting. Case in point: neither platform supports MMS messages or basic text automations (which could save businesses a ton of time with auto-reply features). 

Additionally, magicJack reviews are quick to point out the dated, confusing program, creating a clunky throwback rather than an innovative business solution. Vonage doesn’t escape criticism either, with reviews citing so-so sound quality even over high-speed internet. 

3. magicJack vs Vonage integrations: What other apps work with these VoIP platforms?

Winner: Vonage

This fight might be hard to watch. Vonage offers integrations with Clio, Connectwise, Job Diva, Microsoft Dynamics, and Zoho to name a few (at a premium plan or higher, of course). magicJack service offers no integrations.

As an important side note, Vonage offers a large list of integrations that only work within the US. If have a global presence or you’re looking to have an international reach, this might not be the right provider for you. As for magicJack — you’re not getting much more than you would with a standard cell phone. 

A better option exists outside any magicJack vs Vonage review 

VoIP platforms provide outstanding solutions for some of small businesses’ biggest needs. But not all VoIP providers deliver on those needs. Some have all the features required to make a real impact, while others give the bare basics without much extra. In the case of magicJack and Vonage, it’s clear neither provider offers a full suite.

If you’re looking for a VoIP with more accessible solutions, OpenPhone might be the perfect VoIP phone service for the job. 📞

1. Easily call and text from any US, Canadian, or North American toll-free number

As you can see in this magicJack vs Vonage guide, both solutions leave a lot to be desired with calling and texting. Business texting with OpenPhone isn’t limited just to US customers (looking at you, Vonage), providing better reach in less time. 

Sign up for a US, Canadian, or even a North American toll-free number wherever you live, without worrying about limitations or restrictions. Text and call from your computer and devices so you can always continue conversations (all you need is an internet connection). Plus, OpenPhone also supports MMS, allowing you to send videos, GIFs, and photos at a glance.

2. Get hours back streamlining your communication

Looking for even more ways to save time? One word: snippets. Answer FAQs faster than ever before with OpenPhone’s programmed responses for common questions, cutting down incoming calls and boosting your time spent doing repetitive tasks.

Unlike Vonage or magicJack, OpenPhone offers communication resources that make your days more efficient with call recordings and auto-replies. Call recordings in OpenPhone let you record all calls associated with any inbox (no more worrying about recording limits with Vonage). If you prefer to only record specific calls, you can toggle on that setting too.

Whenever you’re away from the handset, out of office, or just plain busy, auto-replies allow you to automatically text expectations about when customers should hear back. 👂 

And if that wasn’t enough, OpenPhone creates a seamless communication experience with a host of integrations available at any time. Slack, HubSpot, Gmail, and Zapier are available at the touch of a button.

3. Getting started is simple

With OpenPhone, you can get up and running in minutes. We created an intuitive platform that actually works with common sense (no 2000s vibe for us), mapping our tools around mobile phone interfaces. Onboard teammates in a few clicks, and easily customize your phone settings in minutes. 📱

Have an existing number you wish to move over to OpenPhone? Complete your phone porting within just a few business days, getting you up and running for calls right away. We’re not here to make your business life more complicated; just a little more streamlined.

4. Enjoy the most business-friendly pricing

VoIP systems should provide value no matter which plan you sign up for. With OpenPhone, how much you pay per person doesn’t change based on your team’s size. Starter plan users ($15 per month) have access to unlimited calls and texts to anyone in the US or Canada, the ability to share numbers, and scalable team messaging capabilities. Upgrading to the Business plan provides even more ways to streamline communication, including three-way calling, analytics and reporting, and the ability to share a number with over 100 teammates. In other words, scaling communication has never been easier (or accessible, for that matter).

It’s clear OpenPhone offers quite a bit more than either of the two options discussed earlier. But if you’re still interested in comparing magicJack vs Vonage vs OpenPhone side by side, we’ve got your back. Check out this handy chart for your research convenience:

Price per monthStarts at $15 per month per user$39 - $130 per line per month$19.99 - $39.99 per line per month
Unlimited Calling✔️✔️✔️
SMS/MMS to US & Canada✔️✖️Local US and Canadian numbers only
Voicemail transcriptions✔️✖️$4.99 per extension per month
Set business hours✔️✖️✔️
Additional phone numbers$5 per numberVariesVaries
Call recording✔️✖️✔️
Shared phone numbers✔️✖️✖️
Auto-attendant (virtual receptionist)✔️Extra $10 per month✔️
Slack integration✔️✖️Requires upgrade
Gmail integration✔️✖️✔️
Zapier integration✔️✖️Requires upgrade
CRM integration✔️✖️Requires upgrade
iOS and Android apps✔️✔️✔️
Web-based app✔️Texting not available✔️
Desktop apps✔️✖️✔️

Comparing magicJack vs Vonage, OpenPhone wins out

magicJACK vs Vonage: Screenshots of the OpenPhone mobile and desktop apps

magicJack and Vonage offer a few adequate communication options for small businesses just starting their phone service journey. But if you need lots of integrations for your team, plenty of advanced features for functionality, and access to team-building tools that truly move the needle, then these options might not be a great fit for you. And they aren’t the only ones that have trouble stacking up. These vs Google Voice, Ooma, and other VoIP service providers also struggle to meet the needs of small businesses.

Even in a straightforward comparison, OpenPhone’s premier calling plans stand tall above the rest, providing a clear alternative to those expensive add-ons and confusing price plans. If you want to see how our solutions could help you thrive, just sign-up for a seven-day free trial — on us, of course.

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