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OpenPhone Update – July 2020

It’s hard to believe it’s almost August. Hope you’re having a good summer! We’ve had another exciting month over here with some major product updates. Here’s what we’ve launched on OpenPhone in July.

🖥 OpenPhone for Mac

It’s here. We’re excited to launch our installable desktop app for Mac. Thanks to all who’ve helped us test it in beta 🙏

Get the ultimate phone experience by installing OpenPhone on your Mac.

You can install the Mac app here ⤴️

Need help with the install? Check out our install guide here.

Here are my 3 favorite things about the Mac app:

  1. Faster than the web app. No ‘loading’ ever.
  2. No need to scramble with all the browser tabs. Easily access OpenPhone from your Mac’s dock.
  3. Click on a phone number on the web and call from OpenPhone instantly.

On Windows or Linux? Join the waitlist here and stay tuned. 🙂

⚡️ Snippets

Tired of typing the same response over and over again? Or copying and pasting? Create message templates for common questions.

Type / in the message box to access snippets and other hidden commands.

  • /snippets to insert, create, and edit snippets
  • /invite to refer your contact to OpenPhone

We’ve created 25 ready-to-use snippets you can use for customer service, sales, and onboarding. We use most of these ourselves. Do you have a cool use case for snippets? Let us know – we’d love to feature you.

👥 Google Contacts sync

If you use Google Contacts, you’ll be able to sync them with OpenPhone in a single click. You can sync contacts from multiple Google accounts, too. If you need to revoke access to a Google account or resync your contacts we’ve got you covered.

Sync your Google Contacts with OpenPhone.

🤙 Call waiting on iOS

You can now put callers on hold. So if you’re on an active call and have a second call coming in, you’ll be able to either reject the second call or pick it up and place the original call on hold. Neat, eh?

Call waiting is now available on the iOS app.

Get the latest iOS app here ⤴️

🤖 Tons of Android improvements

  • You can now reply to messages directly from the notification. No need to launch the conversation screen and open the app
  • Lots of user experience improvements to the dialer
  • Tons of bug fixes

Get the latest Android app here ⤴️

🥁 Zapier integration (Coming soon)

A part of building an open phone platform (see what I did there?) is being able to easily connect your phone to other tools you use. So we’re excited to share that we’re working on the Zapier integration.

Are you looking to connect OpenPhone to other applications via Zapier? Send us a note if you want early access + let us know what workflows you want to create.

We hope you enjoy these! As always, reach out if you have any questions or comments. We love hearing from you. And check us out on Twitter for more updates. ✌️

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