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OpenPhone Update – June 2020

OpenPhone 2020 update

June has been a busy month for our team and we’re excited to share what’s new.

This month’s update is full of both new features and stability improvements. While it’s exciting to launch a lot of new things, we’re making sure that we invest the time into improving the underlying infrastructure.

We want OpenPhone to be the most stable and reliable product you use.

Here’s what’s new this month.


Have you ever drafted that perfect response just to click into another conversation and lose your draft? That won’t happen again.

You can now see your drafts in the web app. So don’t worry about clicking away or even refreshing the app. Your drafts will be automatically saved.

Never lose a message you’ve drafted 🙂

Emoji keyboard 💃

They say a picture says a thousand words. Well, an emoji can say a lot too. We’re excited to bring the magic of an emoji keyboard to OpenPhone.

You can now type :calendar: or :coffee: to add these to your messages 📅☕️

Add some fun and flair to your messages ✨

Desktop app (beta)

Are you’re tired of searching through endless browser tabs to answer your OpenPhone calls & texts? I know I am. Well, not anymore as we’re launching our native desktop apps on Mac & Windows.

Want early access? Get your beta invite here ⤴️

Preview of the OpenPhone desktop app (Mac)

Upload your contacts

Upload contacts via a CSV file

Nobody likes getting a call or a text from an unknown number when it’s actually someone you know. Hello, who dis?

So if you wanted to be able to upload your contacts to OpenPhone without adding them one at a time, we have some good news for you.

You can quickly import a large number of contacts into OpenPhone using a .csv file. You can even upload detailed information about your contacts like their address, LinkedIn profile, Twitter account, company or group they belong to, and much more.

Since OpenPhone contacts come with custom properties, you’re able to upload any information you care about to your OpenPhone contacts.

How to map your contact fields in your CSV file to custom properties in OpenPhone

We go over all the nitty-gritty of importing your contacts in this post. If you’re a little OCD like me, tag your contacts so you have full context when communicating with someone. I’ve written a post about how to organize your business contacts – check it out.

Upload your iPhone contacts to the web

In the spirit of not having an empty address book, we now offer an option to iOS users to upload all iPhone contacts to OpenPhone. Previously, we only did a sync of iPhone contacts when you were using the OpenPhone iOS app. Many of you told us that it was really annoying not to see your iPhone contacts when using the OpenPhone web app. We heard you loud and clear on that.

The best part? Your iOS contacts now come with custom properties and notes, just like on the web app.

And, if there’s a contact in your iOS address book that you want your teammates to have in their address books as well, you can share it with them. Perhaps you don’t want them to have all your personal contacts like your mom’s phone number, but hey, client contact information is better when shared.

Want to see your phone contacts in the web app? Easy! If you sync your contacts, you’ll be able to opt into that.

Phone menu at no extra cost

We launched a phone menu (or auto-attendant) on OpenPhone in May. Many of you told us that you wish you could add a phone menu without adding additional numbers. We listened as that would significantly lower the barrier to getting started with an auto-attendant.

You can now have a phone menu while using only one OpenPhone number.

No need to get extra numbers (unless, of course, you want calls to be forwarded to your team members).

You can now use a phone menu for a lot of useful things – from call screening to making your company look bigger in the eyes of your callers. The best part? It comes at no additional cost. Enjoy! 🎁

Example of a phone menu on OpenPhone

User experience improvements

Porting made easy

If you have a phone number that you’d like to use on OpenPhone, we can port it over for you. We’ve made this process much simpler. All you need to do is fill out a one-minute form.

Here’s how – port your number to OpenPhone ⤴️

Easier to invite team members

Did you ever invite a team member to OpenPhone just to have them join a different organization? This sometimes happened and was very annoying (sorry!)

So we’ve introduced a concept of pending invites.

If you invite a team member to OpenPhone and they sign up on our website, they’ll be prompted to join your organization. Less room for error and, hopefully, way easier both for you and your teammates.

Go ahead and invite your teammates to get their own numbers or share one of your existing numbers.


Search for a contact from anywhere in the iOS app

No matter where in the app you are, there’s a search bar to make it easy and fast to find the contact or information you need.

For example, just pull down your screen or tap on 🔍 to find the person you want to call, message, etc. You can search by a name, note, or tag. It’s a pretty cool search experience, give it a try!

This even works on the dialer screen.

Paying attention to details to give you the better phone 🙂

Rearrange your phone numbers

If you have multiple numbers on OpenPhone, you may want to display them in a certain order. That’s now possible. Drag & drop your phone number tabs into the order that works for you. You can also easily access phone number settings right from its tab.

The web app will remember your preference so if you log in again, you’ll see your inbox exactly how you prefer.


We hope you enjoy these! As always, reach out if you have any questions or comments. We love hearing from you and building a better phone for you.

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