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We’ve raised a $2M series seed to build the phone for startups

OpenPhone seed round announcement

Today, I am thrilled to announce our $2M Series Seed funding round led by Slow Ventures, with participation from Y Combinator, Kindred Ventures, Garage Capital, 122WEST Ventures, Hack VC, and others.

This funding will help us fuel our growth, build more robust capabilities for teams and individuals using OpenPhone, and grow our team as we continue on our mission to give startups and small businesses a delightful, simple and powerful phone.

Bringing the phone out of the stone age

To this day, the phone remains one of the most common channels of communication. Yet, the software powering it hasn’t changed much over the past decade. At OpenPhone, we are firm believers that carrier phone numbers as we know them are destined for replacement. With that belief in our hearts, we’re stepping in the journey of bringing the phone out of the stone age.

Our first order of business is to create a delightful, simple, yet powerful phone for startups and small businesses.

We want to make it incredibly easy to own phone numbers on top of your existing devices (mobile/tablet/desktop), give your team their own numbers, share a phone number, collaborate on conversations, and automate your workflows by connecting OpenPhone to the rest of your tools.

With this fundraising announcement, we are also launching new features that take us further in our mission.

Introducing Slack and email integrations

Many small businesses and startups (including us) use Slack to communicate internally. With our new Slack integration, OpenPhone can notify the right people or channels whenever any of your OpenPhone numbers receive a call, message or voicemail.

OpenPhone Slack integration
Connect your OpenPhone numbers to Slack channels, threads or DMs

Similarly, you can connect your email to get notified about any relevant OpenPhone activity there.

You can add as many integrations as you want for any of your OpenPhone numbers. Let us know how we can improve this further for you.

Web app improvements

Since launching the OpenPhone web app, we’ve heard loud and clear that you want to have more flexibility with managing business contacts. Here’s what’s new today:

  • Separate business address book + easier to add new contacts
  • Command interface to jump to any conversation Command + /
  • Speed – no more lag when you go between inboxes and conversations

Thank you!

We are humbled to have amazing colleagues, customers, partners, and investors on this journey. Daryna and I want to thank everyone who has pushed us to move faster and helped us get here. We can’t wait for our next chapter in building the phone of the future.

Join us on the mission. Want to try OpenPhone? Sign up

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