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We stand with Ukraine

We stand with Ukraine

The war in Ukraine has captured the attention of the world. We are devastated to see what Ukrainians are dealing with right now. As we watch the country suffer under siege, we feel helpless. At OpenPhone, our mission is to help small businesses and entrepreneurs thrive. But, first and foremost, we’re humans.

We are putting business aside as we look into ways to help our Ukrainian brothers and sisters. Here is what we are currently committing:

Free calls and messaging to Ukraine

We’re in the business of communication, and know that access to communication helps families stay connected and can save lives. As the situation in Ukraine escalates, we want to do our part to help by offering free calls and messages to Ukraine to all our active users and anyone who signs up for a free trial. 

Matching donations

As a small company, we’ve been able to donate as a team to aid those affected by the war in Ukraine. And now we’d like to extend our efforts by matching all donations up to the amount of $20k

If you’re able to contribute to this effort, please do so on any of the following links:

How we’ll match

If you donate to any of the above organizations, please fill and upload your receipts here and we will match your contributions. If you choose to donate to another cause in support of Ukraine, we’ll send that amount to any of the three above causes.

Other ways to help

We understand that not everyone has the financial resources to donate but still want to help show support to Ukraine. We’re here to say that your support is still invaluable. Here are some additional ways you can help:

  • Talk about it. This may seem simple, but raising awareness is crucial in the fight against injustice.
  • Post on social media. Use the hashtag #StandWithUkraine and update your friends and family on what’s going on.
  • Send a letter to your local representatives. Let them know that war is never the answer and you want them to endorse anti-war efforts.
  • Download and change your Zoom backgrounds to visually show your support.

We are people before business, and we choose to stand with Ukraine. As our heart breaks over what’s happening, we are inspired by the strength of their people. The recent events have made it more important than ever that we stand together as one community, united in our desire for peace.

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