5 Incredibly useful things you can do with Zapier + OpenPhone

If you don’t know already, OpenPhone is designed to make managing a business telephone number a simple, pain-free process. Using OpenPhone, you can easily respond to calls and texts for work, while keeping those communications separate from your personal phone usage. 

But to really get the absolute most out of OpenPhone, you need to connect it with Zapier. In doing so, you’ll be able to automate, integrate, and facilitate a whole new level of OpenPhone efficiencies. 

Keep reading for our favorite ways we use OpenPhone and Zapier together at Luhhu.

5 OpenPhone zaps to make calls and SMS for work more seamless

1. Engage with the customers most intune with your brand

First on our list of OpenPhone Zaps is one designed to reward and maintain your most loyal subscribers. It combines Mailchimp with OpenPhone to automatically send an SMS to your newsletter subscribers who open your Mailchimp emails. This way, you can increase your engagement with those most receptive to your brand and content. 

Here’s how!

How to automatically send a text message to engaged Mailchimp subscribers

  • Create a Zap that connects Mailchimp to OpenPhone
  • Set the Zap to trigger whenever a subscriber opens an email sent through Mailchimp
  • For your action, send a message to the subscriber through OpenPhone
  • Include content in the message that rewards subscribers’ engagement and encourages future engagement. That can be something as simple as sending out a promo code or as long-term as pulling them into a more targeted marketing campaign

    You can also get started working off this Zap template:

2. Close the loop when customers leave you feedback

Another useful automated reply Zap involves replying to customers or users whenever they leave you feedback. This is called ‘closing the loop’ and it’s one of the critical steps in collecting feedback for research. 

To make this work, we’re simply going to connect your favorite feedback tool (Google Forms, JotForm, TypeForm, etc.) to OpenPhone. 

How to automatically close the customer feedback loop with OpenPhone:

  • Create a form using Google Forms, JotForm, or TypeForm (or another app of your choosing) that requires the person to include their phone number or email. 
  • Create a Zap that syncs your forms application of choice to OpenPhone.
  • Set the Zap to activate whenever someone submits a completed form.
  • Add that person’s phone number/email and name to a new contact in OpenPhone (this is an optional step).
  • Add a final step that sends that person a reply from OpenPhone thanking them for their feedback and letting them know that a representative will reach out to them soon (if applicable). Use the phone number or email they provided in the form to send the reply. 

Now that’s customer service done right!

3. Never forget to call your clients back

Want to hear one of the most useful and unique aspects of the OpenPhone integration with Zapier? It has a trigger that allows you to differentiate between incoming calls that were answered and incoming calls that were missed. 

To keep things brief, we’re going to focus on just one thing — and that’s adding missed calls to your to-do list so that you never forget to call people back. 

How to automatically remember your missed work calls:

  • Link OpenPhone with your to-do app of choice (e.g., Todoist, ClickUp, etc.) or a calendar app.
  • Set the Zap to trigger with the “Incoming Call Completed in OpenPhone”.
  • Add a filter between the OpenPhone trigger and the to-do app action.
  • Have this filter “only continue if” the “answeredAt” field is set to “null”. This means that the Zap will only run if the incoming call is missed; it won’t run if you answered the phone call. 
  • For your to-do app action, add the information from the call to your to-do list. Include as much or as little information in the to-do item as you’d like.

4. Automatically store your OpenPhone call recordings in the cloud

Not one for note-taking or remembering the key points of a discussion? OpenPhone has the ability to record phone calls within the app. Of course, you’ll want to make sure that this feature is allowed in your region and that you have consent from all parties before recording. 

If you have these things, then you can use OpenPhone call recordings with your Zapier workflows. The one we’re going to cover below allows you to automatically store OpenPhone calls in your cloud storage service of choice. 

How to automatically upload OpenPhone call recordings to the cloud:

  • Create a Zap that syncs OpenPhone to your cloud storage service of choice (Google Sheets, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc.).
  • Set the Zap to activate whenever a “Call Recording is Completed”.
  • Upload the recorded phone call from OpenPhone to your cloud storage service in the appropriate folder.

That’s one fewer thing you need to remember!

5. Send SMS reminders before an over-the-phone meeting

Lastly, you can use OpenPhone and Zapier to automatically remind yourself of an upcoming over-the-phone meeting. This is a great way to avoid missing a meeting — just in case you need to reschedule.

How to automatically send reminders for an over-the-phone meeting in OpenPhone:

  • Create a Zap that connects Google Calendar to OpenPhone.
  • Set the Zap to trigger with “Event Start in Google Calendar”.
  • Choose how long before the event you want the Zap to run, and add in a Search Term for a keyword like “OpenPhone”. This way the Zap only runs for over-the-phone meetings.
  • Set the OpenPhone action to send an outgoing text message.
  • For the recipient, include your phone number as well as an automated message.

We told you it was useful

While OpenPhone is plenty powerful on its own, it becomes exponentially more versatile when integrated with Zapier. Why not get started and see for yourself?

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