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We’ve partnered with Stripe Atlas to help startups communicate better

OpenPhone and Atlas logo placed side-by-side

When we were going through Y Combinator in the summer of 2018 I heard many horror stories from founders who used their personal cell phone number as the company number.

Endless spam calls, no way to delegate customer calls and messages to their team, no way to tell if a call is for work or personal use. Someone even had their identity stolen.

Many founders (including YC Partner Michael Seibel) told me they wished they got a separate phone number for their business from the get-go.

That’s when we knew that OpenPhone had to be something that founders set up for their company right from the moment they incorporate.

And this brings us to today…

We’ve partnered with Stripe Atlas to give incorporating startups six months free on OpenPhone.

Our partnership helps founders to easily check “business phone” off their list when incorporating their company. We’re excited to help set them up for success and to prevent a lot of future headaches as they scale.

International founders incorporating via Atlas can get a local US phone number that works anywhere in the world, bringing them closer to customers, investors, and partners in the US.

Screenshot from the Stripe Atlas onboarding flow highlighting OpenPhone's inclusion in the right-hand rail.
Incorporating founders can find OpenPhone during signup.

Current Stripe Atlas founders can redeem the OpenPhone offer directly through their Stripe Atlas Dashboard.

If you’re thinking of incorporating your company, sign up and join more than 25,000 companies already using Stripe Atlas. You’ll be in good company.

And while you’re at it, say hi and tell us what you’re building @OpenPhone. We love supporting fellow startups.

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