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Why I joined OpenPhone

Leah Bent - VP of Recruiting at OpenPhone

Beyond excited to share I’m joining OpenPhone as the VP of Recruiting. I’ve dedicated my career to joining early-stage technology companies at the inflection point of experiencing exponential growth, where hiring and building strong foundational teams played a pivotal role in enabling business success. Now that work continues with the incredible team at OpenPhone.

So why OpenPhone?

Simply put, opportunities like this are incredibly rare. It’s special to find a company that excels at the most important things from the beginning: the people, the culture, and the perfect market opportunity for a stellar product. My decision to join was easy.


Behind every successful company are the people who make it happen.

As I began my own candidate journey with the OpenPhone team, I quickly realized from these conversations that our founders, Daryna and Mahyar, shared the same level of passion and focus for hiring at scale.

I’m joining OpenPhone just as we’re nearing the 100-employee mark. These are teams that have been built thoughtfully. Hiring managers have led by example to attract the best talent in the business. I’m blown away by the level of talent that exists in our organization and honored to be leading our recruiting efforts through this next phase of growth.

In recruiting, nothing is more important to me than hiring the best people to drive the success of our business. Thoughtful and inclusive hiring practices that provide an amazing candidate experience will continue to be a core commitment of our team.


When it comes to company culture, I can honestly say OpenPhone has succeeded in creating a work environment where you can feel shared values being embraced internally throughout the entire company.

I found through my interview process and since joining the team that the people here really care about each other’s perspectives. Having empathy for the different types of roles people hold across the business allows us all to do our best work. As a leader, it’s important for me to work with a team that’s open and can have fun together when hitting our ambitious goals. We get to do this remotely from wherever we choose to work and still have a space where everyone can collaborate in a supportive way.

Market Opportunity

OpenPhone is uniquely positioned as we actively are innovating the way we all do business over our phones — by letting teams work together more easily and creating a system that people love to use. It’s a market prime for innovation and the opportunity to emerge as a leading solution in this space is one that gets me excited about building the best team to get us there.

And on that note, we’re hiring! Interested in joining us on this journey? Check out our careers page to learn more about what could be the perfect role for you.

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