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Why I joined OpenPhone

Dylan Gale - Head of Finance at OpenPhone

I am thrilled to join OpenPhone as the Head of Finance. I have spent my entire finance career supporting early and growth-stage tech companies across many industry verticals and GTM strategies. And I take great pride in leveraging my learnings and experience as a banker, venture investor, and operator to help propel businesses to new heights.

So why OpenPhone?

Three characteristics of OpenPhone stood out the most and were ultimately the catalysts in my decision to join the team. 


When I evaluate new job opportunities, the single most important criterion is the quality of the team. And OpenPhone certainly checks the box of a stellar team.

Daryna and Mahyar are truly special entrepreneurs who have managed to bring together an impressive team of engineers, product managers, sales reps, and growth experts who are all humble, genuine, and ambitious — the kind of people who get me excited to roll my sleeves up and work alongside.

Great talent is a must, but retaining talent is equally as important as attracting it. Throughout my interview process, it was evident that OpenPhone not only values but invests in its people.


A world-class product and user experience were other must-haves when choosing the next step in my career.

There is no better place to gauge product quality than customer reviews. I spent countless hours reading through OpenPhone’s G2 reviews and a number of Twitter threads. My diligence led to clear evidence that OpenPhone is the superior business telephony product on the market today.

VoIP is a crowded market and OpenPhone has to compete with both large incumbents and well-funded startups. It was the resounding praise from satisfied customers which gave me confidence that OpenPhone is bound to gain significant market share over time.

OpenPhone is the textbook definition of a product-led growth (PLG) business. They’ve experienced tremendous growth on almost no marketing spend and little-to-no outbound sales. After spending time at companies that were heavily reliant on paid marketing to drive growth, it is refreshing to join a company with a PLG motion and very attractive unit economics.

A blank canvas

The third catalyst was the opportunity to work with a blank canvas. As the first finance hire, I get to build the team and financial infrastructure from scratch.

The financial tooling and infrastructure are the building blocks for making prudent financial decisions that can profoundly impact the trajectory of a company. Working from a blank canvas is particularly of interest because there has been tremendous innovation in recent years in the tooling built for finance practitioners. Furthermore, a blank canvas means I get to avoid the inertia of replacing legacy infrastructure and establish cutting-edge systems and processes from the outset.

It is a unique opportunity to become the internal architect of the finance organization ready of a scaling SaaS business.  I could not be more thrilled to join the OpenPhone team!

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