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Why I joined OpenPhone

Ronnie Higgins - Head of Content at OpenPhone

I’m thrilled to be joining OpenPhone as the Director of Content. I’ve dedicated the last decade of my career to building content programs at companies like Eventbrite, Dovetail, Udemy, and Hopin. My work enables people like you to do their best work. And today, I begin doing that in service of the OpenPhone community and customers.

So why OpenPhone?

I could write a novel about the many factors that led me to this point, but there are three that stand apart from the rest.


I’ve often thought it was ironic we carry around a device in our pockets called a phone — yet its primary use case isn’t to make phone calls. We’ve even established social etiquette around the idea that the telephone should be the last resort for communication. And I didn’t truly understand why until I learned about OpenPhone.

The phone, particularly for businesses, has been stuck in the 1990s and seemingly tossed aside in favor of newer technologies. But — from automations to analytics and collaboration workflows — OpenPhone has succeeded in innovating the telephone to address modern challenges standing in the way of businesses and their desired outcomes.

What’s more, the product accomplishes this by being deceivingly simple thanks to the company’s commitment to the user experience.


When I first met Daryna and Mahyar in the spring of 2021, I knew they had something special but couldn’t quite put my finger on it. The impression they left on me was enough to warrant more conversations. Over a year later I finally understood that certain je ne sais quoi is the perfect balance between fearless, inclusive leadership and a crystal clear vision for the future.

During my interview process, I learned their leadership and vision permeate the virtual halls of OpenPhone, too. With each person I met from the team, there was only regret that we didn’t have more time together.

After accepting their offer, my email inbox was filled with personalized messages — many of who I didn’t interview with — welcoming me to OpenPhone and expressing their excitement for the opportunity to work together. My sense of belonging is stronger than ever and the enthusiasm to work with other OpenPholk is mutual.


As Director of Content, my job is in service of you and there’s nothing I could be more excited about than that. Every day I will wake up and get to provide value — whether it’s helping you solve a nagging challenge for your business, connecting you with a supportive community, or just helping you feel seen.

So yes, the icing on the cake that made this opportunity one I couldn’t refuse is you.

If you’re interested in joining the OpenPhone team also, please check out our Careers page here.

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