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Connecticut Area Codes

Connecticut phone numbers
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If you're not sure whether to invest in local Connecticut phone numbers, here are a few benefits of finding and adding local numbers for your business:

Connect with Connecticut customers

Connecticut phone numbers help you establish a stronger local presence in this state, which make you more trustworthy in the eyes of its residents. When people view your local Connecticut phone number on their caller IDs, they’re often more likely to answer the phone. They also may perceive your business as one that truly values its local community.

Reach customers from a number of devices

Using Connecticut phone numbers with OpenPhone, you can call and text locals across the Constitution State at any time and from any location, using your computer or existing smartphone . It helps extend your company's reach when you don't need to rely solely on in-office staff to connect with locals.

Custom accessibility and business phone settings

When adding local Connecticut phone numbers for your organization, you have full control over who has access to those numbers. OpenPhone lets you share numbers with your entire team or assign individual numbers to certain team members. Your team can split responsibility for incoming calls and texts, collaborate on communication, and easily review who on your team has been in touch with contacts.

Appear more professional

People will generally perceive your business as more trustworthy if you use local Connecticut phone numbers to reach them. Professional phone menus, local caller IDs, and custom voicemail greetings also help leave a good impression of your company. You even have the ability to sign up for as many local phone numbers as you want across the US and Canada with OpenPhone. That way, you can make your company appear as large as your biggest corporate competitors.
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Another way to help facilitate your business's success in this state is to use local numers.

With a local Connecticut phone number, you can effectively get in front of the right people and establish a solid foothold in this state.

What Connecticut area code numbers are available?

You can find and use as many Connecticut phone numbers as you need for your business with OpenPhone. Plus select North American toll-free numbers and phone numbers based on different area codes throughout the US and Canada.

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Specific Connecticut area code numbers include:

CodeArea Served
203Areas under this area code include southwestern Connecticut, including Danbury, Trumbell, Stamford, Westport, and the rest of Fairfield County, with the exception of Sherman. This area also includes Milford, Waterbury, and Meriden in New Haven County, along with Woodbury, Bethlehem, and part of Roxbury.
475This area code is an additional one that overlays 203.
860This area code serves northern and southeastern Connecticut, including Hartford, West Hartford, Bristol, New London, Norwalk, Norwich, and New Britain.
959Similar to area code 475, the 959 area code serves as an overlay for 860.

Port an existing
Connecticut number.
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Already have an Connecticut phone number you want to use with OpenPhone? Submit your porting request through the OpenPhone app. You can also port any other US, Canadian, or North American toll-free number to your OpenPhone Account.

How to get a Connecticut number

Enter your email address or sign in with your Google account.
Then search by city or area code to select a specific local number.
Verify your account via credit card (you won't be charged until your trial ends, cancel anytime)
Use the OpenPhone browser, desktop, or mobile app.
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Why your business needs a Connecticut phone number

Businesses of all types have the chance to grow in Connecticut. Some of the top industries in this state include digital media, real estate, finance and insurance, manufacturing, professional and business services, and educational services.

Ultimately, Connecticut offers plenty of opportunities for businesses. There are multiple accelerators and incubators in Connecticut that can help businesses continue to grow. Your business may benefit from a combination of these programs and firms in addition to other efforts.

The following are some of the specific accelerators and incubators you'll find in Connecticut:

    • Innovation Destination Hartford - IDH offers accelerator and incubator programs that have helped dozens of local businesses in the Hartford area.
    • Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology Inc. (CCAT) - CCAT is an incubator and rental space that provides businesses with access to state-of-the-art equipment, commercial office space, incubator space, and funding and grant opportunities.
    • The CTech IncUBator - This incubator is a partnership between the University of Bridgeport, Connecticut Innovations, and the state of Connecticut's authority for innovation development and technology investing. It's specifically intended for high-tech startups, nurturing them in an effort to help them grow.
    • Hamden Business Incubator - The Hamden Economic Development Corporation runs this program that assists businesses in the technology and service industries, offering mentoring services, educational opportunities, domain experts, and a variety of amenities.

    Why you should sign up for a Connecticut number through OpenPhone

    Get started in minutes illustration
    Get started in minutes

    Call and text from any computer or smart device without needing to buy extra hardware.

    Save on all your communications illustration
    Save on all your communications

    Save time on all communications.

    Collaborate and share access illustration
    Collaborate and share access

    Share your number with teammates to send and receive calls and texts from that number.

    Stay aligned illustration
    Stay aligned

    All calls, texts, and voicemail are in a single view so it's easy to catch up conversations.

    Automatically send texts illustration
    Automatically send texts

    Respond back faster to your business contacts and automate routine text messages with auto-replies, snippets, and more.

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    Business love OpenPhone

    OpenPhone is the #1 phone system on G2 as voted by other businesses.

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    Find the right Connecticut phone numbers for your business

    Establish a strong connection with locals in Connecticut with the help of local phone numbers. To make this happen, it's important to locate the right virtual phone system for your business. OpenPhone is the most intuitive platform on the market, packed with collaborative and time-saving features. Hundreds of professionals rated OpenPhone as the leading business VoIP solution on G2. You can easily add local Connecticut phone numbers and many others to your existing phone systems without upgrading to new hardware.

    Sign up for a free trial of OpenPhone today to get started.

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    List of all area codes in Connecticut

    Just a piece of advice. I used my personal cell number as the company number and I still regret it a decade later (I get so many stupid calls). Don’t do what I did. I wish I had a service like this 10 years ago!

    Michael Seibel
    CEO at Y Combinator

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