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Easily get a separate number for work or port existing ones for free.

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Choose from thousands of numbers

Local and toll-free numbers. Get US, Canadian, or North American toll-free numbers instantly 🇺🇸 🇨🇦

Customize it. With powerful filtering and search you can find what suits your business best, including vanity numbers.

Unlimited numbers for all your needs

Organization is key. Set up multiple numbers to support different teams and use cases.

Add or remove numbers. As your team's needs evolve, you can add or remove numbers to accommodate.

Port your existing work numbers over for free

Leave all the work to us. Fill out a 1-minute form and we do the rest.

No service interruptions. Continue using your phone numbers up until the port date (and beyond).

Customize numbers to work for you


Call and text as a team with shared numbers

The line is never "busy” with shared numbers. Teammates can use one number simultaneously and work together to communicate as a unified voice.

“I couldn't imagine using my personal phone number at work both for my own privacy but also because I never pick up all the spam calls I receive. OpenPhone allows me to sift through what calls I need to answer just by separating out personal vs professional. I strongly recommend it to anyone who makes external calls for work!”

Julie Goergen

Director of People at rideOS

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