Enrich your team's address book with custom properties and notes, so you can stay on top of your relationships.

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Import your contacts

Easily sync your Google Contacts, import instantly via CSV or connect any CRM and data source via the Zapier integration.

Share contacts with your team

No more duplicates. When contacts are added in a shared phone number, everyone in that inbox can see them.

Send a specific contact to a teammate. No need to take screenshots or copy & paste numbers anymore.

Custom properties on contacts

Build stronger relationships. Improve how you show up for your customers by capturing all the information you need to remember about them by using custom properties.

Collaborate with contact notes

Manage contacts as a team. Mention your teammates in private notes associated with individual contacts to collaborate on communications and how to manage each customer.

Message anyone, anywhere in the world

No roaming fees required - all you need is internet access. Calls and texts to the US and Canada are always included. For other countries see our international rates.

“We use OpenPhone for client communication through text. It has been great for us to manage client contacts, update specific details, even the tags we add to each contact have been an absolute game-changer for me and my staff. Love the service, plan on using it for a long time.”

Brandon Santana

Founder at LeadShark

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