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Call and text as a team

Teammates can use one number simultaneously to call and text. The line is never "busy.”

Contacts don’t see individual team members, allowing teams to communicate as a unified voice.

Use threads to solve problems together

Internal threads are not visible to customers, allowing your team to work behind the scenes while keeping all relevant conversations in context.

Stay in sync with your team

Alignment is easy with full visibility into your team’s activity across shared numbers. Keep track of conversations, see updates and never miss an important thread.

Customize numbers to work for you

Get insight into your team usage

See how the numbers in your workspace are being used and make decisions based on data, not intuition.

“After evaluating 6 or 7 other vendors, we found that only OpenPhone checked all the boxes. It’s just worlds better. We love using the round robin option, which rings other staff members if someone’s unavailable, so that client calls are serviced in a timely fashion.”

Brian Thomas

Director of Claims Experience at Coterie Insurance

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