OpenPhone was built to grow with you. Bring along your team and start communicating faster.

Shared numbers

  • A shared inbox: Multiple people can call and text from a single phone number 🔥

  • Stay on the same page: Get full visibility into who's on a call, or who sent what message.

  • The line is never "busy": Your team can place calls from the same shared number simultaneously.

Product Team 01

Stay in sync

  • Direct messaging: Easily get in touch with your teammates via direct messages.

  • Set your status: Working from home 🏡 Commuting 🚀 Let your teammates know.

  • Presence: See who's active and away, so you know exactly who to reach out to when you need help.

Product Team 02
After evaluating 6 or 7 other vendors, we found that only OpenPhone checked all the boxes. It’s just worlds better. We love using the round robin option, which rings other staff members if someone’s unavailable, so that client calls are serviced in a timely fashion.
Brian Thomas
Brian Thomas
Director of Claims Experience at Coterie Insurance

Work together with your team

  • Collaborate in internal threads: Work with your teammates behind the scenes, right in the context of the conversation.

  • Mention your teammates: Notify the right people and get things done faster.

  • Quick reactions: Because sometimes, an emoji (or two) is all you need 🤙

Product Team 03

Manage your numbers and users

  • Manage company-owned numbers: Add, remove, assign, or reassign your numbers in a click of a button.

  • Easy user management: Add or remove users and set their permissions without pulling your hair out.

  • Centralized billing: Make your accountant's life easier by putting everyone in your company on the same bill 🧾

Product Team 04

Get insight into your usage

  • Phone number analytics: Get visibility into how every number on your account is used 📊

  • User analytics: Who on your team is having the most conversations? How can you replicate their success?

  • Use data (not your gut) to make decisions: What's the busiest time of the week for you? How much time did your team spend talking to customers?

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The modern business phone for teams

Start calling and messaging in minutes.