VoIP Features

Get all the features your business needs to build better relationships.

Call forwarding

Put an end to missing important calls and potential customers moving onto another business.

Steer business calls to the right place effortlessly using just a few simple rules with call routing.

Never leave any caller waiting by simultaneously ringing your team.

Auto attendant

Reclaim time lost routing calls and eliminate spam with OpenPhone's auto-attendant.

Cultivate stronger ties with your customers and sprinkle in delight over text.

Read voicemails from work contacts anywhere, anytime through smart transcriptions.

Small business VoIP

Easily save time and set up OpenPhone's virtual phone service built for growing teams.

Stay connected and in control — OpenPhone puts your business phone system at your fingertips.

Stay in sync and prioritize incoming messages via OpenPhone's Slack integration.

Text messaging CRM

Capture all your contact's interactions in one space with our CRM integrations.

Salesforce call tracking

Automatically log all your team’s calls and texts with OpenPhone's Salesforce integration.

Three-way calling

Easily dial and add a third person with OpenPhone's three-way calling features.

Call summaries

Make catching up on conversations and working together as a team easier than ever using OpenPhone’s modern business phone solution.

Call transcriptions

OpenPhone’s phone system makes building relationships easier than ever with automatically generated call transcriptions for any conversation.

VoIP phone system

The top-rated VoIP phone system as voted by thousands of professionals on G2 with OpenPhone. Call, text, and get all the business VoIP features your team needs.

AI text messages

Save time with OpenPhone’s AI-based text message response generator.

HubSpot phone integrations

Automatically log your team’s calls and texts — and build better relationships — with OpenPhone’s HubSpot phone integration

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