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Save time following up with your work contacts using a voicemail service that converts audio into text.

Plans start at $13 per user per month.
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What is voicemail to text?

Voicemail to text converts voice messages into text transcriptions. The best business phone systems can deliver completed transcriptions to your inbox and specific email addresses. Then you can also share completed transcripts with other members of your team.

Use voicemail to text features to empower your team to respond faster and streamline your communication further using OpenPhone’s modern business phone system.

The benefits of voicemail transcription

It's not just a business phone system. It's your competitive advantage.

Save time with transcripts

Read through your text-based voicemails and determine the next steps without having to spend extra time listening to audio files. Never check another email for audio attachments or call a voicemail number for audio playback. Save time following up with contacts by using accurate transcripts.

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Prioritize customer requests

Being able to see incoming messages as transcriptions can help you prioritize urgent requests. You can deliver the best experience possible to your contacts by determining which messages need answering first — and which can wait until later.

Multitask efficiently

Easily catch up on a conversation even when you’re multitasking. If you’re unable to take a call you can use voicemail transcriptions to reply quickly using SMS messages and have the proper context.

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Easily locate contacts

Search for messages or keywords in voice-to-text transcriptions and locate contacts within minutes. That way, you spend more time meeting customer expectations and less time looking for key details.

How to automatically send voicemail transcriptions to email or a Slack channel

  1. Sign up with OpenPhone to start using a new local US, Canadian, or North American toll-free number in minutes.

  2. Enable the integration and select the email address or Slack channel you want to automatically push voicemail messages to. 

  3. Try it out yourself by leaving a voice message on your new number.

Why teams love OpenPhone

Try out calling and texting with a free seven-day trial and see how easy it is to streamline your business phone communication with OpenPhone.


OpenPhone is the modern business phone system. Get as many US and Canadian numbers as your team needs — along with automatic voicemail transcriptions for every number owned. Download and save your transcriptions for future use or follow up with contacts faster by assigning tasks to available team members.

Use your new number on your computer and phone

Give your team a professional phone system that can be accessed from any device — no physical desk phones required. You and your team can easily log into OpenPhone from any existing computer or mobile device. Enable your employees to do their work from anywhere without being limited by technology or tools. Enjoy cloud-based access across multiple devices and manage the same calls and conversations whether you're at home or in the office.

See your transcriptions in context

OpenPhone doesn’t rely on a voicemail tab or separate inboxes for missed calls. You can view your call recordings, texts, and voicemail transcriptions in a single space. Easily catch up on conversations and prioritize messages that need your immediate attention. Address time-sensitive calls quickly and mark finished threads as ‘done’ to track completed communication tasks.

You can call, text, and access voicemail transcriptions even without a phone signal. Use WiFi to log into your OpenPhone account through a tablet, laptop, iPhone, or Android phone. Read voicemail transcriptions from anywhere in the world from the devices you use every day.

Get voicemail transcriptions in dozens of different languages

Have a dedicated phone number that supports a language other than English? Change the default language of your voicemail transcriptions under any owned business number.

Simply log into your admin settings and select the preferred language that match your needs. Voicemail transcription is even more accurate when the selected language matches the caller’s speech. Upgrade your language-specific support numbers without losing anything in translation.

Share access

Create a collaborative team phone number with voicemail transcriptions that everyone can access. With OpenPhone, teammates can make and receive separate calls while sharing the same phone number. Easily scale your business phone system and be able to reply to large volumes of missed messages as a team.

You can add numbers that serve specific locations or individual departments to deliver the best customer experience possible. Then grant access to any teammates who need to use that number.

Collaboration in OpenPhone is flat-out simple. Tag each other in invisible internal mentions to provide additional context about individual transcriptions. You can also eliminate duplicate work by using internal threads to keep employees updated on your current progress.

Set expectations on when you’re available

Ensure missed calls are handled just as professionally as answered ones. You can provide information about your company and when they should expect a reply by creating a custom greeting for callers. Plus, you can also set a separate voicemail greeting that plays outside your team’s working hours and lets callers know you’re currently unavailable.

Using OpenPhone, you can automatically provide clear expectations and maintain a high level of professionalism across all elements of your business communications.

Easily send voicemail transcriptions elsewhere

OpenPhone can automatically push voicemail transcriptions to apps you already use. Simply log into your OpenPhone admin dashboard to enable voicemail notifications via email. Or push messages into a specific Slack channel to help teams prioritize incoming messages. You can even automatically log missed calls, voicemails, and other communication into HubSpot to save your team time.

OpenPhone helps you and your team stay on top of missed calls — no matter where you prefer to manage them.

Simple & flexible pricing

No overcharges or hidden fees. We prefer simple and transparent.

20% off

The business phone essentials to get your team up and running



Per user/per month
Billed annually

All Standard plans include:

One new local or toll-free phone number per user
Calling and messaging to US and Canadian numbers*
Voicemail to text transcription
Basic IVR (auto-attendant)
Call recording
20% off

For teams looking for more integrations and collaboration features



Per user/per month
Billed annually

Everything from Standard, plus:

Call transfers
Group calling
Advanced IVR (auto-attendant
Analytics and reporting
Hubspot integration

For organizations with complex requirements.

Let’s talk

Everything from Premium, plus:

Custom contract and pricing
Dedicated account manager
Audit log
Priority support

Frequently asked questions

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What plan do I need to get voicemail to text?
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OpenPhone’s voicemail to text service is available across all plans. Our Standard plan starts annually at $13 per user per month. Our software allows you to transcribe voicemails from 10-digit and toll-free phone numbers alike.

Can I get voicemail to text on my iPhone or Android device?
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Your account’s voicemail inbox is accessible from any smartphone — including iPhones. Log into your OpenPhone account on a Google Pixel, Apple iOS, or Samsung Android device to read transcribed messages.

Can you send calls straight to voicemail and still get the text transcript?
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Yes! You can send phone calls directly to voicemail and get text transcriptions. Users can log in at any time to review messages left by callers. If you are the only one with access to a specific business number and want calls to go straight to voicemail, you can set yourself to Do not disturb. Otherwise, any calls outside your set business hours can also go straight to voicemail. You can even set calls to go straight to voicemail as a phone menu option — through our Premium plan.

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