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Know when it's a business call

Always know what type of call it is. Easily distinguish between personal calls and business calls to your OpenPhone numbers.

Know what number is being called. If your team has multiple OpenPhone numbers, it's easy to tell which number an incoming call is for.

Maintain your work-life balance

Set your business hours. Easily configure your team’s business hours for each number. This lets you route calls based on time of day and maintain work-life balance.

Mute numbers. Get some focus by setting up your notification preferences to mute activity from specific numbers.

Customize numbers to work for you

Record calls automatically

Record manually or set up auto-recording. Press record while on a call or enable auto-recording to make sure you never forget to record a valuable call.

Share calls with your team. Ensure your team hears critical calls, get feedback from your manager, help onboard new hires, and more.

Call anyone, anywhere in the world

No roaming fees required - all you need is internet access. Calls and texts to the US and Canada are always included. For other countries see our international rates.

“OpenPhone helps us manage our retail business by giving customers several ways to communicate with us, phone calls, texting and voicemail messages all while allowing us the ability to set boundaries with phone communication.”

Kathy Cruz

Co-owner of
The Salvaged Boutique

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