Group messaging, auto-replies, scheduled messages, internal threads and much more.

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Trusted by teams at high-impact organizations, from fast-growing startups to world-class institutions

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Send anything you need over text

You name it, we support it. Send photos, videos, audio, gifs, files and more.

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Customize numbers to work for you

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A conversation between two people on a messaging app.

Never miss a beat with auto-replies

Keep on top of your conversations by setting up automatic text replies based on different triggers. Respond to texts, missed calls, or voicemails with a pre-defined message.

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Speed up with snippets

Speed up your response time with saved message templates. Create snippets for messages you write often and never type them out again.

Schedule your messages

Schedule your messages to send at a later time or date to maintain work-life balance.

You can even cancel a scheduled message if the intended recipient messages you first.

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Message anyone, anywhere in the world

No roaming fees required - all you need is internet access. Calls and texts to the US and Canada are always included. For other countries see our international rates.

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“The advanced auto-reply features make me look like a hero. I can auto-reply for contact beyond normal work hours. I can set a text auto-reply even for missed phone calls. My customers think that I'm always on top of things, even when I am offline for the night.”

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Roland Mansilla

Founder at Safely Deposit

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