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"I recommend OpenPhone because it's the best option I've come across. I only suggest tools to my audience when I'm confident they will find them exceptionally useful."

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How it works

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It takes just a couple minutes to apply. We’ll respond to your application within 1-2 business days.

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Once accepted to the program, you can access our partner dashboard and start sharing your referral link.

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Earn a 20% commission on every referral's payments for the first 12 months with no limits.

What success looks like

The larger the team you refer, the more you earn.

2-person Business Annual Plan
$276 x 2 = $552
You get paid $110
5-person Business Annual Plan
$276 x 5 = $1,380
You get paid $276
10-person Business Annual Plan
$276 x 10 = $2,760
You get paid $552

Payouts happen on the 13th of every month. You can use either Stripe or PayPal to deposit the funds into your account.

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Become a referral partner

Earn 20% for 12 months by referring your community to OpenPhone

Additional partnership options

Offer a perk to your community

Offer an OpenPhone discount to your community as a unique perk that will elevate your product offering.

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Integrate OpenPhone with your product

You can start building with our webhooks integration today or sign up to get early access to our API once it's available.

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Drive growth as a franchise partner

Deliver better customer experiences with OpenPhone and keep expenses low with preferred pricing.

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Have an idea for how to partner with us or unsure which program is right for you? Let’s talk about it.

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Frequently asked questions

Are there any restrictions on what I can do to promote OpenPhone?

Yes. In order to ensure that everyone can benefit from our partner program, partners are not allowed to bid against our brand keywords on search engines or social media, misrepresent OpenPhone, or otherwise try to game the program. You can read the full terms and conditions of the program here.

How are my referrals tracked?

Your referrals are tracked through the unique link that you share with your audience. Once someone you refer becomes a paying customer, your payout will automatically appear in your portal.

“We're committed to building successful relationships with our partners that help their businesses thrive and grow.”
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Head of Partnerships

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