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How it works

Porting your number to OpenPhone is incredibly simple and easy to do. And remember, there are zero service interruptions during the process, you can continue using your phone number as normal.

Getting started

Submit your porting request

Create a porting request in the app and monitor its progress right from your OpenPhone dashboard. It takes just 2 minutes.


Porting date is confirmed

The OpenPhone Porting team will notify you of the confirmed date of your port.

5-10 business days

Business as usual

There are no service interruptions. Continue using your phone number with your original provider throughout the whole process, up until the port date to OpenPhone.


Set up your number ahead of time

During the porting process you can customize your phone number’s settings in OpenPhone, so everything’s ready to go once your number moves over.

On your port date

Port is complete

On the date of the port, our Porting team will inform you once your number is ready to be used on OpenPhone.


Cancel service with carrier

Now that your numbers are on OpenPhone, you can cancel your service with the original provider. And that’s it!

Switch from any carrier

Need instructions on how to port from specific a carrier? We’ve got you covered.

Don’t see your carrier in the list? Not to worry, we port from many many more.

Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer here? Check out our Help Center.

Can I port my number back out of OpenPhone?
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Yes. You're always in full control of your phone number and can port it back out at any time.

Can I use my number during the porting process?
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Yes. You can use your phone number as-is all the way until your port date. Most customers do not experience any service disruptions.

How much does porting cost?
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The porting process itself is free. Each user account comes with one phone number included, and additional numbers added to your workspace are billed at $5/month. Learn more ->

What type of numbers are eligible for porting?
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You can port any local US or Canadian number, including North American toll-free numbers, into OpenPhone from any traditional or virtual carrier. Phone numbers from areas outside of US and Canada cannot be ported in.

How do things work with my current phone provider?
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Once the port is complete, you'll be able to cancel your account with your current provider. Do not do so until the porting process is complete, otherwise you run the risk of service interruption.

How long will the porting process take?
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The process takes anywhere between 2 and 4 weeks and depends on how fast we hear back from your current phone service provider. Unfortunately these timelines are out of our control and can't be sped up.

What are the most common reasons for delays?
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The details submitted in your porting request must match exactly with what your current phone service provider has on file. Different (or even additional) information will cause your current phone service provider to reject OpenPhone's port request.

The phone number you're porting in must be active with your current phone service provider.

If you're porting in a Canadian phone number, you must respond to the confirmation text sent by your current phone service provider within 90 minutes of receiving it.

What should I keep in mind before porting my number to OpenPhone?
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You need Internet access to use OpenPhone. If you're porting your personal phone number, you'll need to use it on wifi or a local data plan.

OpenPhone numbers aren't able to receive SMS verification codes from some services. Uber, Airbnb, WhatsApp, and banks, for example, don't allow virtual phone numbers to be used for authentication.

Virtual phone number providers like OpenPhone do not offer emergency call services (eg 911).

While we don't charge any fees and are happy to port your number in (or out) for free, your current phone service provider may charge a fee to port your number to us.

Do my text and phone call histories get ported too?
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No. Your phone and text conversations won't carry over to OpenPhone during the porting process, but you can easily import and sync your contacts.

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