Cloud VoIP business phone system

Easily access your business phone system from anywhere by using OpenPhone’s cloud-hosted VoIP. Unlock advanced features and work together with your team to develop better customer relationships — no bulky desk phones or on-site telephony required.

Plans start at $13 per user per month.

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Simple & flexible pricing

No overcharges or hidden fees. We prefer simple and transparent.

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The business phone essentials to get your team up and running



Per user/per month
Billed annually

All Standard plans include:

One new local or toll-free phone number per user
Calling and messaging to US and Canadian numbers*
Voicemail to text transcription
Basic IVR (auto-attendant)
Call recording
20% off

For teams looking for more integrations and collaboration features



Per user/per month
Billed annually

Everything from Standard, plus:

Call transfers
Group calling
Advanced IVR (auto-attendant
Analytics and reporting
Hubspot integration

For organizations with complex requirements.

Let’s talk

Everything from Premium, plus:

Custom contract and pricing
Dedicated account manager
Audit log
Priority support
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What is a cloud VoIP phone system?

A cloud VoIP phone system is a phone platform that stores all contacts, messages, and call histories on an online server. These systems let anyone with access to a computer or mobile device to receive calls and texts through an internet connection — utilizing Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology. With the best cloud VoIP solutions, you can use both local and toll-free numbers to connect with your customers and conduct any other business over calls and texts.

Advantages of using a cloud VoIP service over an on-premise PBX system

1. Get up and running in minutes without relying on IT.

2. Avoid paying extra hardware, set up, and IT support costs.

3. Call and text from almost anywhere - all you need is WiFi.

4. Use your business number on any computer, smartphone, or tablet.

5. Pay a fraction of the amount it costs to complete international calls through a traditional PBX.

6. Work together with your team from a shared number inbox.

Why thousands of growing teams use OpenPhone

Save time on routine business phone tasks and provide a better experience to your customers using OpenPhone. Here’s why startups and small businesses around the world choose OpenPhone to streamline their communications.

Access all the numbers you’ll ever need

OpenPhone allows you to get as many numbers as you want for your business. You can assign numbers to individual employees, teams, or specific locations. Get US or Canadian numbers with local area codes that inspire trust, or a North American toll-free number to serve clients across the continent. 

Plus, you can port in existing numbers without worrying about service interruptions. Just take these two steps: signup for an account and then submit your port request through the OpenPhone app. 

Customize every business number

OpenPhone’s cloud-hosted phone solution lets you easily have a professional phone presence. 

You can use phone menus (IVR) to direct callers to specific employees or departments. If they reach your voicemail, you can use professional greetings to provide your business hours and clear expectations on when they can expect to hear back from you. 

You can also make it easier for your contacts to recognize your business number by creating an outgoing caller ID.

Don’t worry about unexpected fees

With OpenPhone, you don’t have to worry about overage fees or maxing out your call minutes. You can make unlimited phone calls and text messages (SMS and MMS) to anyone in the US or Canada. And if you make calls to other countries, you only pay a fraction of what you’d spend with a traditional carrier. 

Support ongoing team collaboration

Help your team stay aligned on your business phone communication by creating a shared number. With shared numbers, multiple teammates can send and receive messages at the same time. That way, your team can split responsibility for incoming calls and messages — and no one gets overwhelmed. 

Catching up on conversations is also flat-out simple using shared numbers. All phone interactions (call recordings, voicemails, and text messages ) are in a single thread tied to each of your contacts. 

Not sure how to answer a specific message? You can collaborate in context using team-visible only comments. Just tag your teammates below the message and work on a solution async or real-time.

Speed up your workflow with integrated tools

Connect OpenPhone to other key tools in your tech stack to automate routine tasks and reinvest your saved time into other facets of your business. For example, you can automatically log all phone communications into HubSpot or Salesforce with our integrations.. Even if calls are missed, push voicemail transcriptions to your email or Slack to keep up with your customer support. Plus, OpenPhone’s Zapier integration lets you tie 3,000+ other apps with your phone system to streamline your workflows.

Stay up to date with contact info

Easily manage your contacts from anywhere. Using OpenPhone, it’s easy to sync contacts with other sources (HubSpot, Google, etc.) and always know who’s on the other line. You can also use OpenPhone’s lightweight CRM to organize and manage contacts through any device. Continuously add details to individual contact profiles — ages, birthdays, and other notes — that are always visible to teammates. That way, you can build your business relationships and provide the best customer experience possible.

Delight your customers with fast-paced responses

Respond to contacts at lightning speed by leveraging the power of snippets. You can easily save frequent message responses as templates and send them to contacts in seconds. Feel free to send snippet messages on the fly or schedule your replies in advance to save time. If contacts happen to reach out before your scheduled message is sent, you can automatically cancel your reply to prevent awkward conversations. 

Get started with OpenPhone’s cloud phone system in four simple steps

It only takes four steps to get started with OpenPhone's cloud phone system.

1. Start with a free trial of OpenPhone.

2. Launch the OpenPhone web, desktop, or mobile app.

3. Import contacts and add teammates to your phone system.

4. Call and text from your business number immediately.


Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer here? Check out our Help Center.

What is a cloud-based VoIP?
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Cloud-based VoIP routes phone calls and texts through an internet connection and stores all conversations in the cloud. You can send as many calls or texts as you’d like through the devices you already own. Then, you can sync your contacts, teams, and settings to keep everyone on the same page.

What are the key benefits of a cloud VoIP?
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VoIP calling on the cloud is a scalable solution for small businesses and enterprise companies alike:

  • Send and receive long-distance messages for half the cost of traditional providers
  • Reduce time to get up and running as you don’t have to wait for someone to install any hardware; you can be up and running in minutes
  • Avoid service outages by sending voice communications through WiFi
  • Save money with cloud-hosted telecom solutions — no on-site phone lines or hardware necessary
How much does a cloud VoIP system cost?
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OpenPhone’s basic plan costs $13 per month per user. Pay for exactly the number of users you need — and nothing more. Upgrade to our Premium plan to unlock call analytics, CRM integrations, and more team-specific phone features.

What is an on-premise VoIP?
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An on-premise VoIP is any VoIP solution with all the hardware needed to use the system installed onsite in a given office. This type of solution can be limiting to small businesses and cost thousands of dollars to install. With OpenPhone, you can save thousands using devices you already own and plug into a platform that helps you streamline your phone communications.

How can I get a business phone number?
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OpenPhone let you get as many business phone numbers as your team needs. Sign up for a free seven-day trial to test our platform’s functionality. Then easily customize your number’s settings and add teammates to your workspace. 

How does cloud VoIP work?
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When you make a VoIP call using a desktop or mobile device, OpenPhone converts your voice into translatable data. The data goes  to our VoIP server via your internet connection. After that, this data will be translated and received by your recipient so you can be on business calls from most places.

Can I use my existing phone number(s) with OpenPhone?
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OpenPhone allows you to port existing phone numbers in just two steps.

1. Create an OpenPhone account or log into your existing account
2. Submit your request to port a number through the OpenPhone app

Keep in mind that it may take seven business days or more to complete the porting process.

How reliable is a cloud VoIP system?
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Cloud VoIP systems are far more reliable than traditional landlines or wired service providers. Unlike other solutions, the use of multiple servers in VoIP provides an excellent failsafe against outages. 

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