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5 Ways to speed up your OpenPhone workflows with Zapier

Looking to take more work off your plate? Then I have good news for you. We just wrapped our beta run and the Zapier integration is now available for every OpenPhone customer. 

In case you aren’t familiar with it, Zapier lets you push information between apps using Zaps ⚡  to save you time on routine work. For example, you may have routine texts you manually send out now you can use Zaps to automate. That way, you can focus on more unique tasks. 

Watch a demo on how OpenPhone connects with Zapier below.

Let’s look at a few ways our beta users have been adding Zaps to streamline their communication. 

Auto-Send a Confirmation SMS When Someone Completes a Form

Do you have your website or email signature set up so leads can schedule a call or appointment? Our Zapier integration lets you send an automatic SMS confirmation or welcome message after they complete an online form. 

Before using Zaps, Professional organizer Alex Trabue would only send appointment reminders to her clients through email. However, she realized customers weren’t checking their emails. 

Then Alex had one of her team members schedule and manually send out SMS messages for new appointments. This alone took three hours per week — that’s the full length of Avengers: Endgame but far less enjoyable.

Alex now automatically sends appointment confirmations using a Zap that ties completed JotForm submissions to Google Sheets and OpenPhone. With that time back, her team can draft more sales emails. They also take on routine tasks Alex has been doing such as social media.

“It has taken a lot of important, but time-consuming tasks off my plate. The more I can focus on bigger picture stuff the better,” said Alex. 

Our users also tie these scheduling and form apps with OpenPhone to auto-send SMS messages:

Simplify Reviewing Job Applications and Welcoming Contractors

You may have hundreds of applicants and need a way to save time reviewing applications. On top of that, you’re tasked with onboarding once you identify the right candidates.

You can create a Zap that cuts down your time filling roles and automatically sends information to your new hires through messages.  

AirGarage manages marketing, collects payments, and enforces legal parking for garages across the US. AirGarage’s CEO and co-founder Jonathon Barkl uses Zaps to streamline adding parking enforcement contractors.

When someone applies on Craigslist, they follow a link to a form on Airtable. Then Jonathon can review applications and mark them as accepted. This pushes a welcome message in OpenPhone welcoming them as a contractor and to download their app.

“For me, it’s not having to type the same message a million times. This saves me so much time doing it that way because I’m usually onboarding in batches of 50 to 100,” said Jonathon. 

Re-engage Customers 

As you know, the conversation isn’t over after one touchpoint. One of the biggest challenges companies deal with is creating memorable touchpoints with leads and existing customers.

With our Zapier integration, you can connect Airtable with OpenPhone to automatically send out SMS messages during business hours and create other pre-scheduled touchpoints.

Store OpenPhone Recordings in Google Sheets

If you’re managing a support or sales team, you know there are always opportunities to improve by listening back on calls.   

Here are a few scenarios that might fit your situation:

  • Your team lost out recently on more deals than you expected. You plan to go back over a few calls and hear how they’re handling objections.
  • A support ticket spike’s happening. You’re looking to nail down what are the most frequently asked questions you can add to your support pages so you can bring down your total tickets.
  • One of your reps is not hitting their quota. You want to see what’s happening in their conversations for your next one-on-one meeting with them. 
  • You need to ensure your customer success team is making a great first impression during onboarding calls.  

These are just a few situations where storing and retrieving your call recordings would come in handy. With Zaps, you can automatically push call recordings to Google Sheets.

Create Personalized Delivery Messages

Many people expect an online shopping experience that’s fast and easy like Amazon wherever they go. Even without the resources of Amazon, Carry is helping clothing and footwear brands offer same-day delivery.

Before using Zapier, Carry’s co-founder and Chief Operating Officer Jason Ovryn said, “I had to write out each message individually and make sure I was getting both the customer and store’s name right. I was so mistake-prone as we would get orders from many places.”

At the time, their SMS messaging business plan with Verizon cost hundreds of dollars a month. After spending an entire day troubleshooting texting issues at a Verizon store, Jason looked for an easier way to send out messages.

Carry now has a Zap that pushes information from the store’s completed transactions to their delivery management software, billing software, and email inbox. An SMS message also automatically goes out through OpenPhone.

Screenshot of SMS text from Zap

This message includes the customer’s name, the store they ordered from, and asks them to confirm a time window in which they’d like to receive their order.

“I can’t overemphasize enough how important it is that we can automate that first initial message in a personalized way. Customers love receiving SMS confirmation the moment they check out,” said Jason. This Zap saves Jason two hours per day.   

Connect the Tools You Already Use

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. You can create your own workflows with OpenPhone and over 5,000+ other apps. Learn more about what’s possible with our Zapier integration.

See for yourself how you can streamline your communication and still provide a great customer experience. If you haven’t tried OpenPhone, start your free 7-day trial. 

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