Business SMS & MMS

Easily stay in touch with your work contacts using the medium many prefer: SMS and MMS.

Plans start at $13 per user per month.
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Key benefits of business texting with a modern business phone system

Save time on routine tasks, provide a better experience to your customers and streamline communications using OpenPhone.

Use a dedicated business phone number

You can use your business phone number to send calls and texts to any contact. Using a dedicated business number to text others, your personal cell number stays private.

Send messages on any device

Send messages on the devices you rely on every day — including computers and smartphones. Just connect to the internet to start texting via WiFi.

Receive messages across devices

Always know what your customers have to say. You can receive incoming message notifications across any device you use to access your business number.

MMS support for multiple media types

MMS support lets your team send and receive more context from contacts. Use multimedia in your messages — including images, videos, PDFs, and other files — to deliver information or provide some lighthearted humor.

Set up auto-replies

Create touchpoints with customers even while you’re busy or off the clock. Set up auto-replies that immediately respond to missed calls, texts, and more.

Schedule messages

Easily schedule texts with your customers that go out at a specific time. You can ask for reviews or follow up with someone even while you sleep.

Collaborate with a shared business number

Help your team members work together without wasting time on duplicate tasks. Share a single number that keeps all contacts in a single inbox.

Get more with OpenPhone

Ensure incoming messages never fall through the cracks. Shared access to your business number allows teams to split responsibility for daily tasks. 

Get as many phone numbers as your team wants. Assign individual numbers and create numbers for departments or port in your pre-existing phone numbers.

Use snippets and auto-replies to respond faster — and set immediate expectations for your customer base.

Sprinkle in delight with your customers. Add personalized thank you videos and GIFs through MMS messages to dramatically improve the customer experience. Continuously track your team’s performance.

With OpenPhone Analytics, you can keep an eye on open rates, monitor the number of unique conversations occurring within a specific time period, and other KPIs.

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How to start sending texts in minutes with OpenPhone

It only takes four steps to create and send text messages through OpenPhone.

1. Start with a free trial of OpenPhone.

2. Launch the OpenPhone web, desktop, or mobile app.

3. Import contacts and add teammates to your phone system.

4. Send text messages from your business number immediately.


Why use OpenPhone for business SMS & MMS

Here are other key reasons thousands of businesses use OpenPhone to communicate more efficiently to the rest of the world.

Text and call away

A rich text element can be used with static or dynamic content. For static content, just drop it into any page and begin editing. For dynamic content, add a rich text field to any collection and then connect a rich text element to that field in the settings panel. Voila!

Get all the numbers you need

Looking to have business numbers for specific departments, teammates, or locations? Sign up for all the numbers you need. OpenPhone was designed to scale alongside your growing startup or small business.

Make business communications less complicated by setting up shared numbers in OpenPhone. You can also use separate numbers to streamline text messaging and assign unique 10-digit numbers to each team member. Control team member visibility and manage customer touchpoints — all from the same simple and intuitive workspace.

Simplify collaboration

Give customers the best possible experience with your company. Using OpenPhone, You can even leave internal comments and mentions to collaborate before sending SMS and MMS messages.

Everyone can see and respond to recent texts, voicemail messages, and calls under the same unified inbox. If a teammate is actively typing up a response, anyone with access to your shared number can see. That way, you prevent duplicate work before it occurs. Let the most qualified members of your team pick up tasks related to their department or skill set. It's as simple as tagging a teammate in a comment to assign out work.

Queue up messages with zero stress

Schedule text messages based on the recipient’s timezone. Stop awkward conversations before they happen and avoid reaching out during off hours. You can also automatically cancel your scheduled messages if contacts reach out before the scheduled message goes through.

Bring together your tools

OpenPhone’s 3,000+ integrations allow you to merge all the tools in your communication tech stack. Plug into platforms like HubSpot, Slack, and Google Contacts to save time on routine tasks and automatically deliver more context to your team. You can save time sending appointment confirmation texts and other repetitive messages through our Zapier integration. If HubSpot is your one source for customer communication, you can auto-log all phone communication there. Plus, sync contacts with Google Contacts to make calling and texting even easier.

Easily stay on top of your phone communication

Tag your teammates and mark conversations as unread to show teams which messages need their attention. You can filter all messages by open or unread to review any outstanding tasks. Then earmark completed messages as done to tick another to-do off your list.

Save time and set clear boundaries

You don’t have to be on the clock all the time to connect with contacts. OpenPhone allows you to set business hours for individual numbers that automatically mute call and text notifications when your team isn’t working. Route phone calls directly to voicemail and use auto-replies to set expectations on when they can expect to hear back from you. Always be around for your customers — without ever sacrificing your peace of mind or your brand image.

Why businesses love OpenPhone

Ask us anything

Our 24/7 customer support team is available to help whether you have questions or just need assistance getting started.

Avoid extra hardware

All you need is your existing computer, smartphone, or tablet and a WiFi connection to access OpenPhone from anywhere in the world.

Get started quickly

Send unlimited calls or texts to business clients within 30 seconds of signing up for OpenPhone.

Simple & flexible pricing

No overcharges or hidden fees. We prefer simple and transparent.

20% off

The business phone essentials to get your team up and running



Per user/per month
Billed annually

All Standard plans include:

One new local or toll-free phone number per user
Calling and messaging to US and Canadian numbers*
Voicemail to text transcription
Basic IVR (auto-attendant)
Call recording
20% off

For teams looking for more integrations and collaboration features



Per user/per month
Billed annually

Everything from Standard, plus:

Call transfers
Group calling
Advanced IVR (auto-attendant
Analytics and reporting
Hubspot integration

For organizations with complex requirements.

Let’s talk

Everything from Premium, plus:

Custom contract and pricing
Dedicated account manager
Audit log
Priority support

Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer here? Check out our Help Center.

Can I send business texts internationally with OpenPhone?
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You can send international SMS messages on OpenPhone by enabling the international messaging function on your account. Be sure to add credits to your account from your admin dashboard. Our international rates can be browsed at any time.

How can I send bulk text messages through OpenPhone?
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Send bulk SMS to multiple recipients using OpenPhone’s integration with Zapier. With this integration, you can automate text messages based on a specific event such as an abandoned cart, appointment reminder, or a filled-out spreadsheet.

What types of messages can I send and receive?
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OpenPhone’s messaging app allows you to send and receive SMS (text messages) and MMS (multimedia messages). Use OpenPhone’s MMS and SMS text messaging services to reach existing and potential customers at any time.

How many texts can I send?
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You can send as many text messages to anyone in the US or Canada subject to our fair usage policy. Plus, reach clients from countries all over the world for far less than what you may pay with a traditional carrier.

Can I send group text messages using OpenPhone?
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You can use business text messaging to reach up to nine other people in a group text by adding multiple contacts to a single message. Group messaging works across all apps and all devices, including cell phones, laptops, and other mobile devices. Send text-only or MMS messages at any time.

How can I send automatic SMS when I’m busy?
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Set up auto-replies in OpenPhone to reach callers even while you’re unavailable. Customize your templates to suit specific circumstances in order to maximize your message’s effectiveness. Only one auto-reply message will be sent every three-hour contact period to avoid annoying your customers.

Can I send picture messages?
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You can send pictures, GIFs, and file attachments using OpenPhone’s MMS business text messaging service. Allow customers to send screenshots and complex information in a simplified picture format. Easily check your attached media before sending it.

Can I send MMS messages internationally?
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OpenPhone users can send outbound MMS messages to any international landline or mobile number — VoIP or not. Enable international messages and add account credits to get started texting internationally. You can find international MMS message rates on our pricing page.

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