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Georgia Area Codes

Thinking about getting a Georgia business phone number?
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Is it necessary for your business to have a Georgia number? Here is why some businesses say yes.

Build trust with a local area code

Your Georgia number can help you quickly establish trust as a member of the local community. No one has a landline anymore, but seeing a familiar area code like Atlanta’s famous 404 can still help Georgia residents feel like a business is hardwired to their needs. Customers find it easier to dial these numbers and are more likely to answer calls from them.

Are you looking for a new number in various states, toll-free numbers, or Canadian numbers? OpenPhone has them. Add as many as you need to a single account for a local presence wherever you need one.

Use a local Georgia phone number remotely

With OpenPhone, you can travel remotely or even set up offices in other states and still call from your Georgia telephone number. Whether you’re vacationing, working overseas, or hiring a team across state lines, your Georgia phone number remains local and accessible to you via WiFi. Paddle the Okefenokee swamp or visit the Florida gators instead (just don’t tell Georgians you root for their football team!). Your phone calls will still reflect that you’re in Georgia.

Share your virtual phone numbers with a team

No, not the Braves or the Falcons — your work team. You can add your team members to your Georgia phone number in less time than it takes to turn on the big game. Sharing access means everyone can answer and make calls from the same local number. Incoming calls can be answered by the group or split into round-robin groups. You can also collaborate on conversations, use call recording for better training, and go over essential responses.

Plus, as your company grows, you can add direct lines for team members, giving them their own unique Georgia phone number.

Look more professional to callers

OpenPhone makes it easy to appear more professional and grow your organization’s presence better in Georgia. Add custom voicemail greetings for missed or after-hours calls, set clear business hours when your numbers will be answered, and even send an automatic text when you miss a call, so customers feel you’re responsive as well as local.

Callers can use phone menus to find the right person to answer their questions. Call forwarding can also get the right calls to available team members when needed.

All these features of OpenPhone’s VoIP platform allow business owners to run their business communication professionally.
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Another way to help facilitate your business's success in this state is to use local numers.

With a local Georgia phone number, you can effectively get in front of the right people and establish a solid foothold in this state.

What Georgia area codes are available?

OpenPhone is the modern phone solution that offers as many local Georgia numbers as you need. Plus, activate numbers outside Georgia in other states, Canadian provinces, or North American toll-free numbers.

what area code numbers are available

With a Georgia number, you can reach people from:

CodeArea Served
229This code serves southwest Georgia in Albany, Valdosta, Thomasville, Tifton, and Moultrie.
404One of three area codes covering Atlanta and surrounding areas, all three include Atlanta, Sandy Springs, East Point, Decatur, and Forest Park.
470Here’s where Georgia gets a little bit complicated. 470 is an overlay for the downtown Atlanta area codes and the codes surrounding it, stretching to the west side of the state. The 470 area code is available to folks in cities like Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Roswell, Marietta, and Smyrna.
478The central Georgia area code has Macon, Warner Robins, and Milledgeville.
678Just like 470, this area code covers Atlanta and surrounding cities.
706This area code has disconnected parts. Still, in general, it forms a distant circle around Atlanta and includes the entire northern border of the state, including Augusta, Columbus, and Athens.
762An overlay to 706, the same cities are covered by this area code.
770Along with 470 and 678, this area code covers Atlanta and surrounding areas.
912This east coast area code includes Savannah, Hinesville, and Statesboro.
943Overlaying the 404, 470, 678, and 770 codes, this new area code expands on high demand for Atlanta phone numbers.

Port an existing
Georgia number.
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Already have an Georgia phone number you want to use with OpenPhone? Submit your porting request through the OpenPhone app. You can also port any other US, Canadian, or North American toll-free number to your OpenPhone Account.

How to get a Georgia number

Enter your email address or sign in with your Google account.
Then search by city or area code to select a specific local number.
Verify your account via credit card (you won't be charged until your trial ends, cancel anytime)
Use the OpenPhone browser, desktop, or mobile app.
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Why Georgia businesses need a local phone line

Georgia is attracting industries that thrive in this peach of a state with a central airport hub, growing population, and wallet-friendly costs for doing business. With lower property costs than other urban hubs, extensive facilities like data centers and manufacturing find a logical home here. Kia recently expanded a $1 billion manufacturing plant here, and Rivian’s facility cements Georgia’s position as a leader in automotive manufacturing.

Georgia is positioned to grow even more with an enormous talent base and a business climate as warm as the weather. If that includes your startup, there are plenty of resources to help you take advantage of all Georgia has to offer.

Take a look at incubator and accelerator programs bringing more innovative businesses to the state:

    • Enterprise Innovation Institute (EI2) - Georgia Tech’s programs include a mentoring-based accelerator, a commercialization lab, and more. It’s all aimed at providing business services to support the research and ideas percolating in this research community.
    • Atlanta Tech Village - This “preaccelerator” for women and people of color aims to give business education and access to funding for organizations that otherwise wouldn’t get it. It offers a curriculum, workshops, and a summer school teaching an iterative go-to-market model.
    • Atlanta Tech Park - Accelerator programs to fit their members, this Atlanta startup hub is the spot to network with other companies and explore funding opportunities. There are regular coffee sessions and members-only events.
    • Atlanta Ventures Studio - This unique program takes entrepreneurs looking to grow a business from idea to organization without a cofounder, traction, or an MVP. They offer funding, provide resources, and make connections for accepted entrepreneurs. Atlanta Ventures Studio has helped companies from Calendly to Pardot, and their graduates are now worth almost $5 billion.

    Why you should sign up for a Georgia number through OpenPhone

    Get started in minutes illustration
    Get started in minutes

    Call and text from any computer or smart device without needing to buy extra hardware.

    Save on all your communications illustration
    Save on all your communications

    Save time on all communications.

    Collaborate and share access illustration
    Collaborate and share access

    Share your number with teammates to send and receive calls and texts from that number.

    Stay aligned illustration
    Stay aligned

    All calls, texts, and voicemail are in a single view so it's easy to catch up conversations.

    Automatically send texts illustration
    Automatically send texts

    Respond back faster to your business contacts and automate routine text messages with auto-replies, snippets, and more.

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    Business love OpenPhone

    OpenPhone is the #1 phone system on G2 as voted by other businesses.

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    Start using Georgia phone numbers with OpenPhone

    It’s great southern hospitality to welcome customers with a local phone line. It can help establish trust, provide a platform for professional communication, and keep everything organized in one place better. On top of the benefits, OpenPhone’s platform is the highest rated on G2.

    To get a Georgia phone number using OpenPhone today, sign up for a free trial.

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    List of all area codes in Georgia

    Just a piece of advice. I used my personal cell number as the company number and I still regret it a decade later (I get so many stupid calls). Don’t do what I did. I wish I had a service like this 10 years ago!

    Michael Seibel
    CEO at Y Combinator

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