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Idaho Area Codes

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A local Idaho phone number can give your business a professional presence from Ponderay to Pocatello. But not everyone needs one. Here’s why you might benefit:

Build trust by being part of your customers’ community

You may have heard that 75% of Americans trust their local government, with less than 50% saying the same about national government. The same is true for businesses. Local, community-based businesses inspire more trust than distant entities. People are more likely to answer a call from an area they recognize.

If you’re targeting audiences in multiple cities, OpenPhone also lets you have multiple numbers in various cities across the U.S and Canada, including toll-free numbers.

Use Idaho phone numbers remotely

You can be miles from the University of Idaho’s signature blue “Smurf Turf” and still utilize a local Idaho phone number. That’s why a virtual number is handy for anyone who travels, works remotely, or even lives outside Idaho and still wants to base their business in the state. Your teams and offices can be distributed, and you’ll still be able to make and receive calls from your Idaho number.

Virtual phone numbers let you share access

Incoming calls ring all numbers when you share access to your business phone number with the rest of your team. Everyone can use the number from their own devices, making calls or texts as needed. You can talk about customer calls and texts right inside the app, keeping track of all your customer service needs in a shared inbox all your team members can access. As you grow, you can also give employees their own direct lines.

Professional features keep businesses growing

Your OpenPhone number lets you do more with your business phone lines. You can:
  • Designate names and emojis for multiple lines, so you know who your customers are trying to reach.
  • Enable outgoing caller ID to help customers know your business is calling.
  • Get your customers the help they need by routing them to the correct team member using phone menus.
  • Use call recording so you can train new customer service reps.
  • Set your after-hours voicemail greeting, along with business hours to direct calls to voicemail when you’re on family time. You still receive texts outside your business hours. You just won’t receive immediate notifications, so you control when you see business messages.
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Another way to help facilitate your business's success in this state is to use local numers.

With a local Idaho phone number, you can effectively get in front of the right people and establish a solid foothold in this state.

Which Idaho phone numbers can I use?

OpenPhone has phone numbers for Idaho area codes across the state.

what area code numbers are available

You can get a number in these area codes (as well as across Canada and the rest of the US):


Idaho’s original (and only) area code until 2017. It covers the whole state, including Boise City, Caldwell, Coeur D’Alene, Idaho Falls, Lewiston, Meridian, Moscow, Nampa, Pocatello, and Twin Falls.


You’ll find an overlay for all of Idaho in this area code made to accommodate the state’s exploding population.

Port an existing
Idaho number.
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Already have an Idaho phone number you want to use with OpenPhone? Submit your porting request through the OpenPhone app. You can also port any other US, Canadian, or North American toll-free number to your OpenPhone Account.

How to get a Idaho number

Enter your email address or sign in with your Google account.
Then search by city or area code to select a specific local number.
Verify your account via credit card (you won't be charged until your trial ends, cancel anytime)
Use the OpenPhone browser, desktop, or mobile app.
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Idaho businesses are more than potatoes

Idaho is growing at a phenomenal pace. Its population and state business growth both rank #1 in the country. While that leaves room for new startups, they’ll have to join some established industries like:

    • Advanced manufacturing - From electronics to chemicals and transportation equipment, manufacturing companies thrive in the Rocky Mountains, including Double L, Premier Technology, and Unitech.
    • Aerospace - Seattle’s Boeing company has more than 35 manufacturing partners just a stone’s throw away in Idaho, where many parts and servicing companies find proximity to major transportation and air hubs a benefit to a growing industry.
    • Technology - We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the state’s storied history with frozen french fries, but innovation now bends toward software, memory chips, and even nuclear reactors.
    • Food Processing - Plants benefit from the growing technology sector, making Idaho seventh in the country for food manufacturing, with Chobani, GoGo squeeZ, Lactalis, Litehouse, and Meadow Gold.
    • Energy - Idaho’s National Laboratory is a leading nuclear research facility and a hub for the surrounding states’ university programs to tap into reliable energy production.
    • Outdoor recreation and tourism - The state’s “Tested in Idaho” program for outdoor outfitters didn’t start the trend. Enthusiasts came here naturally to pressure their shoes, bikes, and skis to perform in peak condition, while companies and tourists took note. Now, outdoor activities, and the industries to support them, are booming.

Want to investigate the resources it takes to grow a startup in the mountains?

    • Idaho Innovation Center - Offering classes and coaching, as well as office space to lease, the center is dedicated to helping small businesses succeed. There are regular classes on sales, small business essentials, and networking to help startups move forward.
    • Idaho Small Business Development Center (SBDC) - The Idaho SBDC operates out of Nampa and Boise, helping startups with workshops, consultation, sprints, and mentorship.
    • Trailhead - Startup, mentorship, and accelerator programs converge to create a community for startups in Boise. Some programs have custom mentor advice and help with pitch events.
    • TechHelp - Geared at startups in manufacturing, free consultations are available with university-partner experts in four cities: Boise, Post Falls, Twin Falls, and Pocatello. Processors, manufacturers, and entrepreneurs in the space get priority suggestions to improve their value to grow faster.

Why you should sign up for a Idaho number through OpenPhone

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Get started in minutes

Call and text from any computer or smart device without needing to buy extra hardware.

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Save on all your communications

Save time on all communications.

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Collaborate and share access

Share your number with teammates to send and receive calls and texts from that number.

Stay aligned illustration
Stay aligned

All calls, texts, and voicemail are in a single view so it's easy to catch up conversations.

Automatically send texts illustration
Automatically send texts

Respond back faster to your business contacts and automate routine text messages with auto-replies, snippets, and more.

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Business love OpenPhone

OpenPhone is the #1 phone system on G2 as voted by other businesses.

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List of all area codes in Idaho

Just a piece of advice. I used my personal cell number as the company number and I still regret it a decade later (I get so many stupid calls). Don’t do what I did. I wish I had a service like this 10 years ago!

Michael Seibel
CEO at Y Combinator

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