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Delaware Area Codes

Delaware phone numbers
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It’s a good idea for businesses targeting Delawareans to have a local 302 number. Here are some ways businesses benefit from getting a phone number in Delaware:

Build loyalty with a local 302 area code

Blue Hens tend to flock together regardless of whether they’re from Selbyville, Georgetown, or Seaford. Having a local 302 telephone number can make customers feel that their investment in your business will return to their state. Further, they’re more likely to answer calls from a local number. Far more customers trust small, local companies than large, global ones, and a local presence is a significant part of that boost in confidence.

Need more virtual phone numbers? OpenPhone can activate unlimited numbers from the US, Canada, and toll-free numbers from your existing phone.

Use your Delaware phone number anywhere

Delaware tops out at just under 35 miles wide, so it’s lucky you don’t have to stay in the state to use your Delaware phone number. Whether you’re in New York, Philadelphia, or across the globe, you can use your new number with any reliable internet connection. Wherever you travel or base your business, you appear local to the 302.

Share your number with your team

OpenPhone’s phone system also lets you share and restrict phone number access. Because your Delaware number is on a virtual platform, team members can ake and receive calls simultaneously for your business. You can also let assistants take incoming calls during off-hours and collaborate on responses together using tags.

With more communication and organization, there are fewer missed calls. Sharing access helps remote teams keep customer communication synced and up-to-the-minute. Ready to provide employees with their own direct lines? You can add as many unique telephone numbers as you like to your VoIP system.

Professionalize your business communication

OpenPhone helps you appear more professional to your Delaware prospects. You can set a custom incoming caller ID to display your business name and set voicemail greetings for different scenarios, like a missed or after-hours call. You can also deploy phone menus to help callers choose which team members they need. To train teams, use call recording on customer calls. Call forwarding is also simple — just select any of your OpenPhone numbers and input the US or Canadian number where you want to direct your calls.
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Another way to help facilitate your business's success in this state is to use local numers.

With a local Delaware phone number, you can effectively get in front of the right people and establish a solid foothold in this state.

What does the 302 area code cover?

The original 1947 North American Numbering Plan assigned Delaware the 302 area code. It’s covered the entire state ever since, including Wilmington, Dover, Newark, Middletown, Milford, and Glasgow.

With OpenPhone, you can quickly locate and add local Delaware phone numbers to your existing devices like smartphones or laptops. Use OpenPhone to find and use as many local Iowa phone numbers as you need for your business. You can also select numbers from other states throughout the U.S., cities in Canada, or toll-free numbers in North America.

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Port an existing
Delaware number.
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Already have an Delaware phone number you want to use with OpenPhone? Submit your porting request through the OpenPhone app. You can also port any other US, Canadian, or North American toll-free number to your OpenPhone Account.

How to get a Delaware number

Enter your email address or sign in with your Google account.
Then search by city or area code to select a specific local number.
Verify your account via credit card (you won't be charged until your trial ends, cancel anytime)
Use the OpenPhone browser, desktop, or mobile app.
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Why your business needs a Delaware phone number

Thomas Jefferson once gave the Diamond State its nickname because of its strategic central and waterfront location, calling it a “gem.” It’s true, Delaware’s biggest industries have easy shipping routes to large east-coast cities. Beneficiaries include chemicals, manufacturing, and the state’s petroleum refinery.

The state is no stranger to new business ventures, too. Because of its reputation for corporate privacy and courts that only handle corporate matters, many venture funds require incorporating companies to register in Delaware, so startups already in the state have a simpler journey.

Biotech is an up-and-coming industry growing in the fertile Delaware corporate landscape. It’s home to NiKang, which recently raised $200 million to scale its small molecule cancer treatments. A year before, Prelude Therapeutics, based at the Delaware Innovation Space, went public at a valuation of over $1 billion. These pharmaceutical companies join manufacturing heavy-hitters like Fujifilm, which makes inkjet cartridges in New Castle.

The state offers support in the form of multiple incubators and accelerators to businesses growing and scaling in Delaware.

Take a look at some of the most prominent:

    • Delaware Innovation Space - Billing itself as the home for “science-based” startups in Wilmington, this innovation space is outfitted for biotech, chemical, and manufacturing. Multiple funding programs focus on science-based startups, offering coaching, office hours, funds, and equipment.
    • Emerging Enterprise Center - Wilmington supports its thriving startup scene with an incubator that’s helped launch 73 companies. There are popular pitch events, office space, mentorship, and networking here.
    • Delaware Technology Park - Newark’s incubator on the campus of the University of Delaware, the hub focuses on science and technology, including IT. It provides office space, labs, grants, and networking opportunities.
    • Nextfab - With locations in Wilmington and Philadelphia, this maker-space-oriented incubator can help provide office/fabrication space, coaching, and an extensive community of educators, artists, and engineers.

    Why you should sign up for a Delaware number through OpenPhone

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    Get started in minutes

    Call and text from any computer or smart device without needing to buy extra hardware.

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    Save on all your communications

    Save time on all communications.

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    Collaborate and share access

    Share your number with teammates to send and receive calls and texts from that number.

    Stay aligned illustration
    Stay aligned

    All calls, texts, and voicemail are in a single view so it's easy to catch up conversations.

    Automatically send texts illustration
    Automatically send texts

    Respond back faster to your business contacts and automate routine text messages with auto-replies, snippets, and more.

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    Business love OpenPhone

    OpenPhone is the #1 phone system on G2 as voted by other businesses.

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    Start using local Delaware phone numbers in area code 302 with OpenPhone

    When you go local in area code 302 with OpenPhone, you build trust and a professional presence in your target market. Getting started and getting everything you expect from a business phone is flat-out simple through OpenPhone.

    Get a local Delaware number today, sign up for a free trial.

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    Just a piece of advice. I used my personal cell number as the company number and I still regret it a decade later (I get so many stupid calls). Don’t do what I did. I wish I had a service like this 10 years ago!

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    CEO at Y Combinator

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