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Get a Baltimore phone number easily that you can use anywhere you have an internet connection with OpenPhone. You can call Baltimore customers, get texts, personalize messages, and add a custom caller ID for a professional presence. Your 443 phone number is a simple but powerful business phone system that lives in your existing cell phone, giving you the power to run your business from anywhere.

Pricing for a 251 number starts at just $15 per user per month with OpenPhone.

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OpenPhone offers business phone numbers across the country and in Canada, too. Streamline your communication with professional phone features like caller ID and an auto attendant. You can start calling and texting from an area code 443 number in Baltimore today.

But where exactly is area code 443? Let’s look at some key statistics and details about the region.

In area code 443, the primary urban area is Baltimore, with a population of 585,708. Here in 16 different counties (including Baltimore, Baltimore, Anne Arundel, Harford, Howard, Carroll, Cecil, Wicomico, Calvert, Queen Anne’s), there are plenty of city dwellers living and working every day.

They also use overlay area codes 410 and 667 to serve the population.

Area code 443 covers Maryland area except for St. Mary’s County, all counties and cities which touch the Chesapeake Bay, the Atlantic Ocean, or Delaware, including Annapolis, metropolitan Baltimore, Berlin, Cambridge, Ocean City, Princess Anne, and Salisbury) as well as Howard County (Columbia) and Carroll County (Westminster).

There are some close-by area codes like 202 (District of Columbia), 223/717 (Lancaster, PA), 240/301 (Germantown, MD), 302 (Delaware), 434 (Lynchburg, VA), 484/610 (Allentown, PA), 540 (Roanoke, VA), 571/703 (Arlington, VA), 757 (Virginia Beach, VA), 804 (Richmond, VA), 814 (Erie, PA), 856 (Camden, NJ).

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Use local numbers to help your business succeed.

With a local 443 phone number, you can effectively get in front of the right people and establish a foothold in the Baltimore, MD area.

Who’s doing business in
area code 443?

OpenPhone helps businesses keep their company separate from their personal phone number. They can maintain a professional presence in the cities that matter to their businesses. For some, that’s Baltimore, But what’s the city’s economic structure all about? Who’s here, and what companies reign supreme?

Here are some of the critical points about Baltimore’sbusiness climate.

Every city develops its own personality, companies, and history, from farming to banking. Some industries eventually stand out as they grow their own ecosystems to serve the city. For Baltimore, the major city in area code 443, that means these top three industries:
  • Educational services, and health care and social assistance
  • Professional, scientific, and management, and administrative and waste management services
  • Public administration

You’ll see these industries represented in the companies that employ the most residents. They are: Johns Hopkins Hospital, Johns Hopkins University, US Army, Northrop Grumman, Baltimore County Public Schools, Baltimore City Public Schools, Social Security Administration, State of Maryland, T. Rowe Price, US Navy.

These standout employers help bring the mean household income in the city of Baltimore to $76,395. Not all are so fortunate. The unemployment rate in the city’s major county, Baltimore County, MD, is 6.8%.

Some in Baltimore are exiting the city (the population trickled out from 2019 to 2020, with the city losing -0.43% of its population) in favor of the suburbs and other cities. But more are registering new businesses. The number of new business applications in the same period skyrocketed 29%. Those entrepreneurs have a good chance of making their dreams a reality since the state’s startup survival rate from 2019 to 2020 was 76.70%.

Get started communicating with customers using a local 443 phone number of your own. No matter where you are, you always have a professional presence in Baltimore. Get started with a free, seven-day trial.

Try out calling and texting with an area code tied to this flourishing region and confirm OpenPhone is a great fit for your business by starting a free seven-day trial of OpenPhone.

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Whether you're looking for a local Baltimore or North American toll-free number,
getting started is simple.

See which specific 443 phone numbers are available and claim your own Baltimore, Maryland number by signing up for a free trial. Here’s how it works: using our service, you can easily set up your local phone number without the need to install any additional hardware. Easily download and install our app, and find the right numbers for your business.

How to get a 443 phone number


Enter your email address or sign in with your Google account.


Then search by city (Baltimore, MD) or area code (443) to select a specific local number.


Verify your account via credit card (you won’t be charged until your trial ends, cancel anytime.)


Use the OpenPhone browser app or download the desktop apps or mobile apps.

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Why do businesses sign up for a virtual 443 number with OpenPhone
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Get up and running quickly

Activate a new 443 area code phone number in Baltimore, Maryland, in just a few minutes. Your existing number won’t see any service interruptions, and we do all the work. Get more than one number to use for people, teams, or locations immediately. There are no waiting periods, no stores to navigate, and no hidden fees.

Once you’re here, calling and texting to the US or Canada is free. You can use your local number anywhere, even if you work outside of Baltimore, MD and the US.

You can use your number on a smartphone or computer since all you need is an internet connection. Manage conversations in your inbox wherever you work using your preferred device; OpenPhone works with your laptop, computer, tablet, and smart phone

Separate what’s work and what’s personal

OpenPhone lets business owners take control over how and where they work while staying local for their customers. Personal numbers remain private and your favorite device is ready to call using your new work phone number.

Stay professional at work, but mute notifications after hours. Your personal calls come through on your personal line, but that doesn’t mean you have to be on-call for business at all hours.

When you sign up for multiple phone numbers using OpenPhone, you’ll always see which calls are coming from your personal line and which are from specific business telephone numbers.

OpenPhone’s modern business phone features give you powerful tools to do more business in area code 443.

Deliver a better customer experience faster

OpenPhone’s modern app gives businesses the features they used to get from a complicated PBX system. You can use phone menus so customers can direct their own calls to team members that can help best. Setting up or updating a phone menu as needed is simple.

And getting your team on board is just as easy. You can activate new numbers instantaneously, assign them to teammates, and even share a main phone number. With shared numbers, your team can:

  • share responsibility for answering calls and messages
  • access go-to message templates that make answering common inquiries a snap
  • collaborate on any communication through internal threads and mentions
  • respond quickly — all voicemails, call history, and texts are in a single view with each contact

To help provide a professional presence with your new number, you can customize your caller ID. Plus, easily set up separate voicemail greetings for when your team is working and off.

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Just a piece of advice. I used my personal cell number as the company number and I still regret it a decade later (I get so many stupid calls). Don’t do what I did. I wish I had a service like this 10 years ago!

Michael Seibel
CEO at Y Combinator

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