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888 Area Code: How a Toll-Free Number Can Help You Serve Your Customers

888 area code

Some of the most memorable phone numbers around are those with 888 area codes. Whether you’ve heard it on the radio or have seen it on an online campaign, 888 numbers stand out and stick in people’s heads. This is great news for your business — and it’s not the only perk. 

In this article, we’ll explain what an 888 area code number is, then dive into five key benefits and how you can take advantage of them.

What is an 888 area code number?

The 888 area code is a toll-free number prefix in North America, which means callers won’t be charged for long-distance calls. It’s part of the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) and is widely used in the United States, Canada, and other regions covered by the NANP. Toll-free numbers like 1-888 are often used by businesses to provide customer service or take orders.

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Where is area code 888?

The 888 area code is not tied to a specific geographic location but is a North American Numbering Plan (NANP) code. It is used for toll-free calls, meaning callers do not have to pay long-distance fees when dialing this code within the United States, Canada, and other regions in the NANP.

How toll-free numbers work in the US and Canada

Dialing a toll-free number is as easy as dialing any other phone number. To make a toll-free call, clients simply need to enter your toll-free code (888, for instance) instead of using a local area code (like 323 for Los Angeles). 🌎

The calling party is never charged (if they are calling from any of the areas mentioned earlier). When clients reach out to you, any international fees they would have incurred are passed onto your business.

However, if you use a VoIP service provider like OpenPhone, you get free unlimited calling in the US and Canada, so you can avoid long-distance fees on your outbound calls.

Toll-free numbers can also support text messages, which clients in NANP countries can send to you for free. Keep in mind that you will need a text-enabled phone number, like all the ones offered by OpenPhone.

How 888 numbers differ from other toll-free numbers

There’s no difference between 888 numbers and other toll-free telephone numbers in terms of functionality. No matter what toll-free area code you choose — 800, 833, 844, 855, 866, 877, or 888 — your callers will be able to reach you without paying a dime.

As mentioned earlier, one major perk of getting an 888 number is the fact that it’s widely recognized. Since it was the second toll-free area code created by the NANP, launched back in March 1996, the area code 888 is just as well known as the first (800). While people may be less familiar with an 833 or 844 area code, many callers will instantly recognize “888” as a toll-free code.

5 benefits of getting an 888 toll-free phone number

When you get an 888 number, your customers won’t be the only ones winning. Your toll-free number can offer your business plenty of perks, including these five.

1. Serve a broader customer base

When your phone number isn’t tied to a single area code location, your business isn’t either. Getting a phone number with an 888 area code allows you to make it clear that you serve customers in the US, Canada, the Caribbean, and beyond. As a result, you broaden your potential customer base.

On the flip side, local numbers mainly appeal to people within the same city or region. If you’re in Jamaica (or even New York), calling a business with a Seattle number on your caller ID might feel like random spam. 🚨

2. Let your customers call you for free

Your clients are already spending money on your product or service. If they have to spend more just to reach you, they may feel like they’re giving more than they’re getting. With an 888 phone number, anyone located within any of the 20 NANP countries or regions can call you for free — no stress or hassle required.

Your toll-free phone number can also help you draw in more potential customers, too. When your customers aren’t loyal to your brand quite yet, they may be hesitant to call a company that costs money to reach. An 888 area code reassures them that you’ve got them covered.

3. Appear more established

Toll-free phone numbers are commonly used by large and well-known companies. When you get an 888 area code, your business can appear more established and even bigger than your actual team is. Plus, it can help you showcase that you’re ready to support a large volume of clients.

4. Stand out from other businesses

Your phone number has the power to make you stand out from the crowd. An 888 number is like a premium web domain. Much like how shoppers tend to head to .com sites before .net sites, people tend to dial 888 numbers before they dial less common numbers like those with local area code numbers.

When you get a toll-free phone number, you can also make it a vanity number, in which your string of digits spell out a word or your business name (like 1-888-BEST-BUY). This makes your brand more memorable. When customers look up your number, they won’t have to memorize 10 random digits. Instead, they’ll just have to remember your simple toll-free area code (888) and a word related to your business.

5. Call and text anyone in the US and Canada for free

Your customers don’t have to be the only ones saving money thanks to your toll-free service. Getting a phone number with an 888 area code can mean free calls and texts to the US and Canada for you, too.

Though pricing may vary with landline and cell phone providers, a VoIP service like OpenPhone doesn’t charge any extra fees for outbound calls and messages to either country — no matter how many calls you make. 🙌

How to get an 888 area code number

Selecting an 888 area code number in the OpenPhone mobile app


The easiest way to get an 888 area code number is by selecting a VoIP phone service that offers toll-free calling — ideally, one that also supports toll-free SMS and MMS like OpenPhone. You can usually get a toll-free number as part of the signup process.

VoIP systems don’t require any physical setup, since they’re fully virtual, so you can quickly start using your 888 phone number

Here’s how you can get an 888 area code number in minutes with OpenPhone:

  1. Sign up for a free trial to try out OpenPhone free for seven days using your Google account or another email address.
  2. During the signup process, you can tap on “Toll-free numbers” or enter a specific toll-free area code like “888” and select a specific phone number.
  3. Enter your credit card information to start the trial. You can cancel anytime and won’t be charged until after the trial — we’ll even remind you before your trial ends!

If you already have an existing 888 number and want to transfer it to OpenPhone instead, you can port your phone number for free. Once you’ve tried out using OpenPhone during your trial, simply fill out a one-minute porting form in the OpenPhone app, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Once you complete these steps, you’ll have an 888 area code number to use on any internet-enabled device using OpenPhone’s web, desktop, or mobile apps.

Get your 888 area code number with OpenPhone

Screenshot of OpenPhone mobile and desktop apps

An 888 area code can instantly show your clients that you’re ready and willing to cover their long-distance fees any time they call. The benefits of toll-free numbers extend to you, too. You can broaden your customer base, stand out, and appear like a more legitimate business just by getting an 888 number.

When you get an 888 phone number through OpenPhone, you can call or text anyone in the US and Canada for free. Start your free trial of OpenPhone.


Where is the 888 area code?

888 is a North American toll-free area code intended for calling so your customers can reach you without needing to pay long-distance fees within the US, Canada, and other regions part of the North American Numbering Plan. The 888 area code isn’t located in any specific city or region.

How are 888 numbers different from other toll-free numbers?

There isn’t much difference between 888 numbers and other toll-free numbers, except 888 numbers are easier to remember so they may attract a wider customer base.

What are the benefits of getting a 888 toll-free number?

Your 888 toll-free number may provide your company a slew of benefits, including:
– allowing your customers or target audience to call you for free without paying long-distance charges
– making your company appear bigger and more established than you actually are
– getting the option to have a vanity toll-free number (e.g. 1800-FLOWERS)
– having the ability to call and text anybody in the US or Canada for free

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