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What’s new in OpenPhone: Warm transfer, hold, ring order, and more

OpenPhone August 2023 update

Earlier this summer we released group calling to OpenPhone so you can talk with more than one person at a time. But with more people, comes the need for more robust call handling features. That’s why we’re excited to announce warm transfer and call hold. These call-handling features make it easy to collaborate with your team while delivering a smooth experience for your contacts.

In addition to call handling improvements, we released ring order, a major update to our call routing functionality giving you more control over how team members are notified of incoming calls.

Be sure to update your OpenPhone app. Now let’s dive into the details👇

➡️ Share context before handing off a call with warm transfer

Warm transfer in OpenPhone

Warm transfer allows you to write a quick note to a colleague to share relevant details and context about a call ensuring a smooth handover and avoiding the need for the customer to repeat themselves. This feature works for incoming and outgoing calls. Warm transfer is available on our Business plan.

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⏸️ Put calls on hold instead of calling back

Putting a call on hold in OpenPhone

Now when you need to look up information or consult a colleague, you can place callers on hold which will mute your microphone and play music for your contact offering them a professional experience while they wait. Call hold is available on our Business plan.

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👥 View participants and put a room on hold with group calling improvements

Viewing group call participants in OpenPhone

Now you can see a unified view of all the participants on a group call so you know exactly who you’re talking to. You also now have the ability to place individuals or the entire room on hold. Group calling is available on our Business plan.

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🛎️ Control how team members are notified with ring order

Using ring order in OpenPhone

There are now three configuration options for incoming call notifications to accelerate response times, and minimize missed calls:

  • All at once: Get everyone in sync with simultaneous incoming call notifications for all team members.
  • Random: Divide and conquer by cycling incoming call notifications through random batches of members, with custom batch sizes tailored to your needs.
  • Custom: Craft your perfect call routing strategy by cycling incoming call notifications through your defined groups of members.

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