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Why Lee Morris joined OpenPhone

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I couldn’t be more excited to tell you that I’m joining OpenPhone as the Vice President of Engineering.

Communication technology and norms are undergoing a monumental evolution that will usher in a wave of innovation and mark this decision as a significant milestone in my professional journey. 

My decision to join OpenPhone ultimately came down to a number of factors that resonated deeply with my personal and professional ethos, such as:

The vibrant culture

My first and foremost passion in life is architecture and software development. And nothing makes it more enjoyable than being surrounded by good people.

OpenPhone’s vibrant culture resonates through the people who form the backbone of this innovative organization. In every interaction and process, I observed a palpable sense of camaraderie and a shared vision that aligned seamlessly with my own values. 

Real customer-centricity

Another compelling aspect of OpenPhone is its undeniable value to small businesses.

In a world where effective communication stands as a pillar of success, OpenPhone’s product offers a lifeline to small enterprises, empowering them with tools that were once the domain of larger corporations. This democratization of technology resonates with my belief in creating solutions that are accessible and impactful. 

As VP of Engineering, the stage is set for me to contribute to a product that not only thrives in the market but also makes a tangible difference in the lives of its users. The opportunity to grow alongside the business, to face and surmount challenges while scaling our services, is both exhilarating and humbling.

Challenges filled with possibilities

Moreover, the role presents a spectrum of fun yet formidable challenges — especially in nurturing and scaling the organization’s technological capabilities while maintaining its exceptional culture.

It’s a thrilling prospect to lead a team through the intricate dance of growth and stability, ensuring that as we expand our horizons, the essence of what makes OpenPhone unique remains intact.

I am excited to embark on this journey — to learn, innovate, and lead in an environment that not only expects excellence but also provides the fertile ground to achieve it.

The road ahead is filled with possibilities, and I am eager to explore each one, contributing to OpenPhone’s story of success and transformation.

And on that note, we’re hiring! Interested in joining us on this journey? Check out our careers page to learn more about what could be the perfect role for you.

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