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Why Romielyn Baladjay joined OpenPhone

Why I joined OpenPhone, Romie

Get to know our Porting Specialist, Romielyn! Find out how her journey at OpenPhone began, how invaluable it is to be referred to a company and what transferrable skills she brought to her role.

Steph: Let’s start with an introduction!

Romielyn: My name is Romielyn, I am based in the Philippines and I work with the porting department at OpenPhone. I assist customers with porting their numbers from another carrier to OpenPhone. I have the privilege of being with the customers at the beginning of their journey, where I can provide guidance and knowledge about our product.

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Steph: Why did you join OpenPhone?

Romielyn: I was introduced to OpenPhone by our Porting Team Lead, Daryl Acenas. I had worked with him previously at another remote company for five years. Knowing how honest and straightforward he is, I asked him about OpenPhone and how the leaders were. I was excited at the idea of working at a startup company, knowing you’d be one of the few people working there and really getting to know the people you work with, even the founders! It felt like you’d really be part of the team.

Steph: What are some transferable skills that you were able to bring to your role?

Romielyn: In the Philippines, I don’t think it’s possible to port a phone number to another carrier. This service was new to me. 

I worked in a call center for eight years. Being in a customer service role, I’d speak with people from all over the world, assisting them with wireless connection requests and issues. When I heard about the porting role at OpenPhone, I knew that I’d be able to transfer those skills. Initially, I wasn’t communicating directly with customers, until I suggested that we reach out to customers during the process so that they are kept up to date with the status of the port and have a point of contact.

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Steph: How would you describe OpenPhone’s remote culture?

Romielyn: We have our company all-hands twice a month and because of this you don’t get left behind with announcements or the development of the company. Although it’s virtual, you get to join with everybody or watch the recording afterwards. I’ve also had the opportunity to co-host one of the all-hands, which was really fun!

We also use Slack to speak with our teammates, whether this is when they are online, or asynchronously. There are also social and topic channels to communicate with people outside of your team and get to know more about them. Sometimes it seems too good to be true. Everybody is really nice and you feel that you are part of something bigger.

Steph: We know why you joined, but what keeps you at OpenPhone?

Romielyn: A big reason why I’ve stayed at OpenPhone is because of their Learning & Development budget.

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I really want to be someone who is passionate and makes an impact at the company I work at, so if I am ever to move on, I’m remembered for the work and contributions I made. That’s how I feel at OpenPhone, and it’s something I want my children to learn.

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