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Why Jordan Hwang joined OpenPhone

Why I joined Jordan Hwang

I’m excited to share that I’m joining OpenPhone as its VP of Marketing.

As a revenue-focused Marketing leader, I obsess about providing value to customers and partners and have spent my career helping companies scale sustainably by creating win-win relationships. I’m excited to join OpenPhone on our mission to delight businesses and continue to build my experience with high-velocity subscription businesses (Gusto, Evernote, etc.).

Why OpenPhone and why now?

OpenPhone represents a tremendous opportunity to breathe life into an industry that businesses around the world rely upon but whose innovation has largely stagnated by over-indexing on a small set of the market.

What’s more, OpenPhone has key pieces that I’ve seen companies and teams shine with.


OpenPhone has been fanatical about creating a high-performing culture that embraces a shared set of values around diversity and inclusion. Frances Frei and Anne Morriss noted that diverse teams have only been shown to consistently outperform homogenous teams if there’s active intent to create inclusion.

For OpenPhone, this was a clear core value of theirs. From my first conversations with the team, it was clear that while a strong go-to-market motion was already in place, they were actively seeking out other perspectives to continue to help the company improve and excel.

With a team and culture that’s driven to win together, our ability to execute to successfully fulfill our mission is second to none.


OpenPhone’s mission to help businesses connect with the world solves a need that, up until now, didn’t have meaningful solutions for the majority of businesses and that fit today’s world. Small businesses represent 90% of businesses in the world and employ half of the global workforce, and the lack of focus on creating solutions for them is acutely felt in every corner of the world.

In addition, with the mobile phone’s overwhelming adoption and its usage as a primary device, there’s a need for businesses to embrace solutions purposefully built for this new paradigm. This is even more acutely felt with small businesses that have strong connections with their customers. OpenPhone couldn’t come at a better time to fulfill its mission and meet this need with an amazing product.


As a marketer, I’m not afraid to say that my impact can be most magnified with a product that meets customers where they are. OpenPhone does that. Our solutions are built for businesses from their inception to those that have already scaled.

What’s more, we have the scores to back it up. I’ve been incredibly impressed by how thoughtful and intuitive our solutions are — designed to meet you where you are and solve your biggest problem areas. What’s more, the team is maintaining that strong customer focus as they continue to improve and expand their solutions.

Interested in seeing what OpenPhone can offer you? Come check out our product and our career pages to find the perfect solution for you and your company.

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