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We’re looking for our Head of Sales

We're looking for our Head of Sales

In the last three years, OpenPhone went from a project to a platform powering communications for thousands of businesses. From a prototype to the #1 rated business phone service on G2. From Mahyar & me to a team of 40 amazing people around the world.

While it feels like we’ve come a long way, we’re just getting started.

To help us unlock the next level of growth, we’re looking for our Head of Sales. Maybe this is you? Let me take you behind the scenes so you can see for yourself.

About the role

We are looking for a leader we can count on to:

  • Learn what is working and not working from the sales perspective.
  • Roll up their sleeves and sell alongside our first sales hire, Hao, to get to know our product and customers for the first couple of months.
  • Build sensible processes and iterate on them (once we outgrow them).
  • Attract exceptional talent.
  • Train their team to achieve their personal best.
  • Write the sales playbook, building off what we already have today.
  • Contribute to our GTM strategy.
  • Create a world-class experience for our customers and prospects.
  • Lead with empathy and humility.

Why you should be excited about this role

  • We’re a tight-knit, passionate group of people who love their craft. As a Head of Sales, you’ll make a significant contribution to our business trajectory and culture.
  • We’re building something people want. Just check out our G2 reviews.
  • You’ll help us bring a modern product to 33+ million small businesses in the US & Canada running on legacy solutions (or using their personal phone numbers).
  • We have a very strong land & expand motion.
  • We’re backed by the best investors in the business who have helped many other product-led SaaS companies scale.
  • We’ve shown impressive growth mainly through organic channels like word of mouth and content / SEO. As we spin up paid marketing and further invest in product differentiators, the sky is the limit.

Why this might not be a good fit

  • You prefer enterprise sales and are not excited about serving small businesses. You’re more excited about enterprise opportunities over high-velocity SMB deals. For the next couple of years, we’ll be focusing on serving small businesses and startups (and growing with them).
  • We are still working on setting up a lot of data infrastructure. We’ve recently brought on our first Data Scientist and have set up our data warehouse, so we’re making a lot of progress here. If you’re used to having all the data readily available at your fingertips, this will be challenging.
  • You prefer an in-office culture. We’re a remote team and while we love meeting up in person whenever possible (photo from our retreat in San Diego two weeks ago), we’re a distributed team by default.
Some of the OpenPhone team in San Diego. October 2021

About you

  • You’ve led high-performing sales teams before. People you’ve hired will describe you as someone who leads by example.
  • You’re comfortable with different sales motions (sales assist, outbound, velocity vs high ACV). You’re willing to experiment to find what works for us and double down there.
  • You’ll be doing a lot of hiring. This is something you’re good at. You’re also passionate about making sure new hires are properly onboarded and have all they need to succeed.
  • You’re scrappy. You’re excited to roll up your sleeves and work alongside Hao for the first couple of months to learn our product and the current sales motion inside out.
  • You’re highly analytical. You can quickly put together a report in Salesforce or investigate any part of the sales funnel.
  • You aren’t afraid of dysfunction and, dare I say, find it fun. Every fast-growing startup always looks messier from the inside with more problems than people to solve them.
  • You’re able to create sensible processes (and iterate on them once we outgrow them).
  • You (and the people you’ll coach) are focused on getting the best outcome for the customer. You’re not going to strong-arm someone into signing a contract or committing to something they aren’t comfortable with.
  • Bonus: You have significant experience in SaaS. Even better if you have experience in similar product-led SaaS companies.

What’s the interview process like?

  • Intro call with me to get to know each other.
  • Call with our CEO and Co-Founder Mahyar.
  • Meet our Account Executive Hao.
  • Exercise. We’ll share our key metrics and ask you to create a hiring plan for scaling the sales function for 2022. You’ll then present it to us and we’ll discuss it. This is a paid exercise – we’ll compensate you for your time.
  • Conversation with Craft Ventures.
  • References.
  • Offer. 🎉

How to apply

Apply here or send me a cold email. 😉

Want to learn more?

Join our weekly live demo. It’s a great way to see the product in action, meet some of us, and check out what we’re up to.

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