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Why I joined OpenPhone

Susana de Sousa - Head of Support at OpenPhone

I’m thrilled to join OpenPhone as the Head of Support. I’ve spent the last decade scaling Support operations, building teams and creating strategies that deliver exceptional customer support to millions of customers.

After spending the last 6 years at Loom, where I was an early employee and the first customer-facing hire, I’m excited to bring my experience over to OpenPhone and contribute to the incredible work the team has done so far.

So why OpenPhone?

I’ve been following OpenPhone’s progress for the past few years and have been so impressed by three things in particular:


When it came time to make my decision, the people were the main deciding factor. Admittedly, I was a bit nervous I wouldn’t find a place that felt like home. But the amazing OpenPholk I met quickly put my mind at ease.

The entire recruiting process was truly an enjoyable experience — everyone I interacted with was thoughtful, kind, and attentive. It was a reflection of the people and culture at OpenPhone, I feel welcomed and excited to join the team.


This won’t come as a surprise to anyone but… as a Support person, a good product is critical and OpenPhone delivers. But perhaps even more importantly — I’ve been impressed with how intuitive and powerful it is, and it’s clear that the Product Development team has put a lot of effort into making every detail as seamless and useful as possible.

I’m excited to join such an ambitious and talented team, and I’m looking forward to how the Support team can advocate for OpenPhone’s customers, continue to increase product quality, and deliver new features.


Having worked with incredible leaders in the past, I knew a strong leadership team was a non-negotiable for me. Getting to know OpenPhone’s founders, Daryna and Mahyar, has been a refreshing and inspiring experience.

They have a strong focus on building a people-first organization, centered around core values of transparency, honesty, and joy. That’s exactly the kind of team I want to be a part of.

What’s more — their authentic approach to leadership has motivated me to hit the ground running and start delivering value as soon as possible.

On a personal note, I’m currently based in Lisbon, Portugal. When I’m not working, you will find me hanging out with my dog Murphy, mentoring women in tech and learning new veggie recipes.

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