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OpenPhone Update – January 2021

Our team has been working hard on many exciting updates to kick-off 2021. Here’s what we’ve launched on OpenPhone this month.

Call transfer and advanced phone menu 🔁

Ever pick up a call and realize it’s for someone else on your team? You can now forward an incoming call to the best person. Call transfer is now live on the web/desktop and iOS, and coming soon to Android.


Even better – route calls to a certain member of a shared phone number through the phone menu. You can now also send certain calls to voicemail or even play a dedicated audio message. It’s fun! Check out all advanced phone menu options we’re rolling out.



Call transfer and advanced phone menu are Business features so if you’re interested in checking them out, change your plan here. ⚡️

Muting 🔕

Do you have multiple OpenPhone numbers but only really need to answer calls or texts on one? No problem! You can now mute the numbers you don’t need to receive notifications for.

Learn more about muting here. Enjoy some extra peace and quiet!

Reject an incoming call with a text message ✌️

Have you ever received a call while on another call? Or maybe you’re just too busy to answer? Whatever the reason, you can now reject an incoming call with a text message. It takes 2 seconds and is much more polite!


Best part? If you’ve set your OpenPhone status, we generate a text message that’s tailored to what you’re up to.


Android app improvements 🏗

We’ve heard you loud and clear. Our Android app needs work. This is why we’re starting 2021 with fundamental improvements to the app infrastructure. Today’s update is a big step in that direction. Here’s what’s inside:

  • Reliable push notifications for calls, messages, and all activity.
  • Calls that ring reliably. If you’ve ever had issues receiving calls – sorry! No more.
  • Ability to multitask while on OpenPhone call without losing audio (or having the call drop).

Update your Android app today and let us know what you think.

Huge thanks to those of you who’ve shared your feedback with us. Keep it coming and we’ll keep the improvements coming! 🙏

Delighters ✨

No release goes out without some little (yet important) things we add to improve your experience.

  • You can now order or reorder custom properties on contacts. Just drag and drop them on the web/desktop. If you’re OCD like me, this is a big improvement 🙂
  • We consider URLs as custom properties now which means that if you’re importing contacts into OpenPhone that have multiple URLs, they’ll be mapped properly. Thanks, Amit for the suggestion!

We’re hiring 🚀

It’s an exciting time at OpenPhone as we’re hiring on all teams (and establishing many teams we don’t have yet), so if you or someone you know is looking for a challenge, check out our Careers page.


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