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OpenPhone Update – May 2022

Ahh—our first big release of 2022. It’s good to be back!

Strap yourselves in, because today we’re unveiling something many of you have been asking about for a long—long—time…🥁 🥁 🥁

Our brand new Android app is finally here!

Completely rebuilt from the ground up (and thoroughly tested by hundreds of our amazing users 🙏 ), we’re finally delivering the Android experience you deserve.

There’s plenty to get excited about, so let’s dive in:

⏩  A faster and more responsive UI

With an intense focus on polish and speed, OpenPhone for Android is now the snappy and refined experience you’ve come to expect. Get more done from anywhere—in less time, and with fewer taps.

📲  Truly reliable calling and messaging

Reliability was another major focus for this rebuild because, well…a phone you can’t trust just isn’t a phone worth using. Rest assured—calling and texting work just like they should. Simple stuff, but without it, nothing else matters.

📣  Notifications you can trust

If you used our previous Android app, you’ll know—and no doubt hate—that notifications weren’t as reliable as they should have been. Starting today, you can expect a much more consistent experience.

👂  Even better call quality

While call quality isn’t always within our control (spotty WiFi for example), your conversations should be crystal clear when it is. With this rebuild, we’ve made improvements to ensure you can hear—and be heard on—every call.

🆕  Ready for all our new features

We’ve been delivering exciting new features and upgrades lately. But because our Android team has been focused on the fundamentals, none of them have landed on your device. As we wrap up our rebuild, we’ll switch to working on feature parity. The best is yet to come.

🏃 The all-new OpenPhone for Android is available now

We tied this release off with a bow and shipped it off to the Google this morning. It might take a few days to reach your device, but you can look forward to using it soon!

Visit the Play Store now to upgrade >

Delighters ✨

No update is complete without a few extras to make you happier.

  • We recently hit a huge funding milestone: our 40M Series B! Check out the announcement to learn where we’re taking OpenPhone next.
  • In case you missed it, light mode was rolled out a while back on our web, desktop, and Apple apps! And yes—Android is right around the corner. Peek into your settings to enable it (but don’t forget your shades).
  • Calibrate your bookmarks, because is officially ours! Our Twitter handle’s now @OpenPhone, too. We dropped the “App”; it’s cleaner.

Want to try all this out? Upgrade now from the Google Play Store.

Don’t have OpenPhone yet? Sign up for a free trial ⤴️

We’d love to hear your feedback. How’s this rebuild treating you? Let us know!

PS: Like what we’re building? Come join the team! We’re growing fast and hiring across the board, so check out our Careers page (and share it with your friends 😉 ).

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