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40 Auto-Reply Text Examples to Boost Your Response Time

Texting auto reply examples

When your business supports hundreds or even thousands of clients each day, you can’t always drop what you’re doing to send a text. You might be out of the office, in a meeting, taking calls, or busy responding to previous messages. 

But many clients expect text messaging to be a real-time communication channel — even a 20-minute wait for a first response can feel long. If you don’t want clients to feel ghosted by your team, you can text auto-reply messages to keep customer relationships alive.

This guide explains what auto-reply texts are and provides 40 auto-reply text message examples you can start using today. Once we explain how to set them up properly, we provide a few tips to help you get started.

When you should use auto-replies

After hours auto-reply example

Whether you’re out of the office or away from your desk, you can use auto-replies to set customer expectations. Anyone who reaches your voicemail, fills out an online form, or sends a text is met with an automated response explaining what’s going on and what to do next.

Just make sure your customers opt in before sending them any messages. They should also have an easy way to opt out if they no longer wish to receive them.

Now, let’s dive into some auto-reply message samples you can try out for your business.

General out-of-office auto-replies

1. After-hours auto-reply

If customers reach out after your business hours, setting an auto-reply away message reassures them you’re not ignoring their calls or texts. Inform clients of your business hours so they don’t expect a response until you’re back in the office.

Example: Thanks for reaching out to [company]! Our business hours are [date/time] to [date/time]. We’ll get back to you within [number] business day.

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2. Same day out-of-office auto-reply

Heading out for an errand or lunch? Set an automated out-of-office text message to respond to incoming calls or texts so customers know you’ll get back to them soon.

Example: Thanks for contacting [name] at [company]. I’m currently out of the office. I’ll be back at [date/time] and will respond to your message shortly.

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3. Vacation message

If you’re out for more than a day, customers may appreciate a heads up about the change in your availability. If relevant, let them know how to get support for emergencies.

Example: I’m currently [out-of-office message]! I’ll be back on [date/time] to respond to your message. For urgent matters, please reach out to [name] at [number].`u>

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4. Holiday closure notification

Holiday closure auto-reply text message example

Celebrating an office-wide holiday? Leave the office guilt-free with a positive and informative holiday auto-reply.

Example: Our team is out spending time with loved ones for the holiday season. We’ll be back on [date/time] to respond to your text. Have a great holiday!

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5. Conference attendance

Packing up for a conference? A few short sentences highlighting your status and availability can help clarify your schedule.

Example: Hi there! The [business name] team is currently at [conference]. This means we may be slower in responding to your message, but rest assured we’ll be back in the office by [date/time]. Thanks for supporting us as we learn to serve you even better!

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6. General welcome to new customers

It’s a good idea to treat newer customers with extra TLC. They’re just getting to know your business, and first impressions are everything. You can start with an upbeat auto-reply template to introduce specific team members and boost customer satisfaction.

Example: Hey [name], this is [name] from [business]! Thanks so much for [your interest/your purchase]. I’m here to answer any questions you may have and help you find what you’re looking for. You can reply to this text or call [number] to chat with a member of our team. In the meantime, thanks for being a valued customer!

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Auto-replies for setting response time expectations

7. Customer support auto-reply

Customer support auto-reply example

Clients need your help if they’re reaching out to your customer support team. Texting auto-reply messages to every person who reaches out can reassure your clients and ensure they don’t get more frustrated than they already are.

Example: We’ve got your back! A member of our support team will respond to your message within [time]. Thank you for your patience.

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8. High-volume notification

If your support team is getting overwhelmed with calls and texts, explaining the situation can help you buy more time (and understanding) from customers.

Example: Hello! We’re currently getting more texts than usual. We’ve received your message and will respond as soon as we can. Thank you for your patience.

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9. Self-service support message

self-service support auto-reply text example

Help customers help themselves so they can resolve their support tickets faster. To do this, set up an automated reply linking to your help center or a general FAQ page. 

Example: Thanks for your message! An expert will get back to you very soon. In the meantime, our help center may be able to answer your questions faster: [link to your site’s help page]

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10. Missed call auto-reply

Missed a call while at work? Whatever the reason, reassure clients you’ll get back to them soon.

Example: Sorry we missed your call! A member of our team will get back to you by the end of the day.

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11. Voicemail auto-reply

If the caller you missed leaves a voicemail, you can send a personalized response to show your appreciation for their extra effort.

Example: Thanks for leaving a voicemail! We appreciate your patience and will get back to you by the end of the day.

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12. Redirect message

For teams that don’t offer SMS customer support, auto-replies help you give clients a heads up so they’re not shouting into the void.

Example: Thanks for reaching out! This inbox is not monitored. Please call this number or email us at [enter your support email address] so we can support your needs.

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Software as a Service auto-reply texts

13. Bug report auto-response

When customers report a bug on your site or app, let them know you’re on the case (or already know about a platform-wide issue).

Example: We’ve received your report. We’ll reach out if we need more information and let you know once the bug is resolved. Thanks for helping our site perform better!

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14. Technical support ticket confirmation

Customers get peace of mind and better context from your team with confirmation texts for technical support tickets.

Example: We’ve received your request for technical support. Our team will look at this ASAP and get back to you soon. If we need more information about your situation, you can expect us to reach out to you directly.

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15. Product launch announcement

If customers receive an auto-reply, they’re already waiting to hear back from you. So why not offer them something to do in the meantime — like learn more about your new product?

Example: Thanks for your text! You can expect a reply within [time frame]. Have you heard the buzz about [product] yet? Feel free to check it out in the meantime: [URL]

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16. Subscription renewal reminder

We’ve all fallen victim to sneaky auto-renewals. Thankfully, an auto-reminder is all it takes to turn a negative experience into an opportunity to satisfy customers.

Example: Hey [name]! Heads up: your subscription is renewing for [company/product] on [date/time]. If you want to make changes, visit your dashboard here: [URL]. Need additional support? You can chat with our team online: [URL]

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17. Customer onboarding message

When a customer buys from you for the first time, you can give them a warm welcome by helping them navigate your product or service.

Example: Thanks for joining the [company] family, [name]! We’re excited for you to try out our product. Here’s how you can set it up: [link to onboarding instructions]

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18. Demo request

A great demo experience can make or break your chance to convert a lead to a paying customer. Creating a good impression with an auto-reply can help nurture leads with a personalized, upbeat tone.

Example: Thanks for showing interest in [company], [name]! Let’s get you booked for a demo here: [URL]. Feel free to come with any questions or concerns.

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Lead nurturing auto-reply messages

19. Lead generation auto-reply

Don’t think you can capture sales with an automated text? Think again. With this example, you’re sending leads directly to your content so you can collect additional contact information.

Example: Thanks for contacting [company]! We’ll reach out within [time frame]. Have you read our latest eBook? Fill out this form to get your free copy: [link to your lead generation form]

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20. Welcome text

welcome auto-reply text example

When customers subscribe to your SMS marketing messages, you can use texting auto-replies to welcome them to a unique customer experience.

Example: Welcome to [company] SMS Rewards! Keep your eyes peeled for your first exclusive discount. To opt in, reply YES. 

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21. Sales promotion message

sales auto-reply text example

When your sales team gets incoming texts, you can add a promotional message to your informational auto-reply to drive more sales.

Example: Thanks for contacting [company]! One of our sales reps will reach out to you shortly. Tap to browse our summer sale while you wait: [link to your website]

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22. Newsletter subscription confirmation

Double opt-in is now the norm in texting etiquette for marketing-related messages. Auto-replies are the perfect solution for confirming them at scale — especially with your newsletter.

Example: You’re in, [name]! Thanks for subscribing to [newsletter]. Just confirm your subscription by clicking this link: [URL]

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23. Webinar registration

Studies show just 18% of webinar registrants actually attend the live event. A registration confirmation text could improve these odds by making your webinar easier to access (and remember).

Example: Hey [name], you’re now registered for [webinar] at [date/time]. We can’t wait to see you there! Just click this link to join from your device: [URL].

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E-commerce auto reply texts

24. Purchase confirmation auto-reply

Texting auto-replies triggered by purchases can help a buyer’s experience feel complete. This also provides an opportunity to inform customers about when their order should arrive.

Example: Thanks for opting in to text alerts for your recent order. We’ll send you a message once your order has shipped!

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25. Abandoned cart

Abandoned carts account for $18 billion in lost revenue per year, representing thousands in lost revenue for the average ecommerce company. If you want to recover a piece of this pie, start with an auto-response text to recapture your customer’s attention. Remember: before you send any retargeting texts, you need to have customers opt into SMS.

Example: Hi [name], it’s [company]. You left a few things in your cart! You can get same-day shipping and up to 15% off with code CART at checkout: [URL]

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If you have a Shopify store, you can use this Zap to automatically text potential customers after an abandoned cart:

26. Purchase reminder

If you want customers to repurchase what you sell, you can nudge them to restock or return. Schedule your automated text when customers might be gearing up to buy again — for example, 20 days after a dog food purchase — to keep your brand top of mind.

Similarly, if you offer an auto-delivery program, you can use auto-replies to remind customers about an upcoming shipment and credit card charge for a better customer experience.

Example: Ready for your next order of [product name]? Order now so you don’t run out!

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Related: Set up payment reminder messages to stay top of mind with timely reminders

27. Contest entry confirmation

Hosting a contest for your customers? Let them know their entries haven’t been missed.

Example: Thanks for entering the [company] sweepstakes! We’ll reach out to the winners on [date/time] with more information.

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Professional services auto-replies

28. Appointment booking auto-reply

If many of your incoming calls are from customers looking to schedule an appointment, consider adding a link to your booking page in your auto-reply.

First, you can send this message:

Example: Sorry we missed your call. If you’re looking to book an appointment, you can schedule online here: [link].

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Then, you can send an appointment confirmation text so customers know their appointment is on the books.

29. Follow-up auto-reply 

Busier than usual? It’s a good idea to keep customers in the loop. You can create an auto-reply to set expectations and explain why there may be slower response times.

Let’s say you’re a CPA, and a client reaches out during tax season. You can use this template to let them know you’ll respond as soon as you have time.

Example: Hi there! Thanks so much for your message. Since it’s tax season, we’re a little busier than normal and may take longer to respond to your text. Please give us [time], and we’ll get back to you.

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Healthcare auto-replies

30. Appointment confirmation and details

Confirming appointments manually could take hours away from your team. Appointment confirmation texts can streamline this workflow, saving time and effort for less repetitive tasks.

Example: This is a reminder that [name] has an appointment scheduled for [date/time] at [clinic]. Please remember to bring [items] with you and arrive 15 minutes early for registration.

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31. Test results

The sooner you send test results to your patients, the sooner they can make informed decisions about their health. Just don’t forget to link to a secure site so recipients can read their results in a HIPAA-compliant way.

Example: [Business name]: [name], your test results from [date/time] are now available. You can sign into your portal and view your test results here: [URL].

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Auto reply-texts for property managers

32. Property inquiry 

With this template, you automatically address leads with a welcome message so they don’t lose interest or slip through the cracks.

Example: Hey [name]! Thanks for reaching out regarding [property]. We’d love to set up a tour at your convenience. Please make a reservation on our calendar here: [URL]. We hope to see you soon!

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33. Rental application submission

A quick confirmation message keeps potential tenants informed and shows you genuinely care about their time and energy.

Example: Hey [name], we received your rental application for [property]. It’s currently under review and you can expect to hear back in [number of] days. In the meantime, you can contact us at [number] if you have any other questions.

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34. Lease renewal notice

The lease renewal text isn’t just a simple courtesy. It’s a great way to build tenant loyalty and increase your retention rate.

Example: [Name], your lease is renewing soon. We’d love to keep you as our neighbor! You can check out the terms of your new lease here: [URL]. If you have any questions, you can visit our office at [address].

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35. Maintenance request acknowledgment

The faster you address a maintenance request, the happier your tenants will be. You can use this request acknowledgment template to set a positive tone and assure renters you’re working to resolve the issue.

Example: [Name], we’re confirming your maintenance request for [situation] and assigning a vendor to the case ASAP. In the meantime, call [number] if you have any questions. Thanks for being a valued tenant!

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Pssst — want to see more examples like this? Check out our property management email templates.

Restaurant auto-reply messages

36. Reservation confirmation

You can use automated text messages to confirm table reservations and provide alternative contact information if customers need to make changes.

Example: Thanks for reserving a table for [party size] at [restaurant]! We’ll see you on [date] at [time]. Need to cancel or edit your reservation? Call [number] to speak with a host.

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37. Wait confirmation

If you don’t offer reservations and have a wait list instead, you can use this auto-reply template to set clear expectations.

Example: You’ve joined the waitlist for [restaurant]! Your estimated wait time is [number] minutes. We’ll text you when a table is ready. Need to make other plans? Just reply ‘CANCEL’ to give up your spot.

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38. Table ready confirmation

Auto-replies give customers the freedom to wait wherever they please. This auto-reply directs customers to their tables no matter where they are.

Example: Hey [name], your table at [restaurant] for [number] is now available]! Visit the host stand to get your seat. Change of plans? Just reply ‘CANCEL’ to give up your spot.

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Employee-related auto-replies

39. Job application auto-reply

Texting auto-reply messages to job applicants is an effective way to use automated texts to reach more than your clients.

Example: Thanks for applying to [company name]! We’re processing your application and will reach out within [number] business days if you might be a good fit.

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Looking for more recruitment-specific templates? Check out our texting guide for recruiting here.

40. Job interview confirmation

You can use this template to send automated responses when a candidate schedules an interview with your company.

Example: Hey [name], thanks for booking an interview with [company]! We’re excited to see you on [date/time] at [location/URL]. Chat soon!

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How to set up auto-reply text messages

It’s easy to start texting auto-reply messages to your clients, customers, or other business contacts. 

While the auto-response setup process varies depending on the business texting app you’re using, OpenPhone allows you to choose between two simple methods: our built-in autoresponder feature or connecting to our Zapier integration.

Basic auto-replies

Auto-reply texting menu settings in OpenPhone

If you want to send automatic texts when you miss phone calls, get voicemails, or receive texts, you can do so in OpenPhone by following these steps from our web app or Mac app:

  1. Tap “Settings” from the left-hand menu.
  2. Under “Workspace,” select “Phone Numbers.” If you have multiple phone numbers, select the number you want to set up auto-replies for.
  3. Scroll to the “Auto-Replies” section to set them up. You’ll be able to customize your automated messages based on whether they’re sent during or after business hours.

Don’t worry about overwhelming your clients with too many automatic replies. OpenPhone won’t send more than one auto-response within a three-hour time frame. If clients try ringing you five times in a row, they won’t get five of the same auto-replies.

Integrate auto-replies into your tech stack

Adding auto-replies using the OpenPhone Zapier integration

If you want to set up auto-replies for more triggers, you can do so by linking your Zapier account to OpenPhone. This allows you to set up thousands of different texting automations. For example, you can send automatic responses when customers:

  • Complete a Typeform survey on your site
  • Register for your Zoom webinar
  • Schedule calls with you on Calendly

To learn more about setting up Zapier, please check out our help documentation.

4 best practices for texting auto-reply messages

When you start setting up auto-replies for your business, keep these tips in mind.

1. Stick to SMS messages

SMS auto-replies (or standard 160-character texts) guarantee clients receive your message straight away. Multimedia messages (MMS) often require a cellular data connection. While Androids and iPhones support MMS, not every cell phone or VoIP phone does.

2. Thank your customers

Reading and responding to auto-reply messages takes precious time and effort for customers. Be sure to thank these contacts for their time so they can feel more supported by (and connected to) your brand.

3. Set expectations

Auto-replies inform customers about next steps and explain what they should expect to happen next. This way, they know you plan to follow up with them (and they’re not just wasting their time waiting for a callback).

4. Don’t use link shorteners

You should avoid including and other link shorteners in your auto-reply if you wish to include a URL in your text. Many mobile carriers mark links as spam, which means your auto-reply won’t reach the customer at the other end.

Improve response times with texting auto-replies

OpenPhone app

Texting auto-reply messages can help you improve the customer experience. You’ll reduce response times while easing customer worries and frustrations. 

Auto-responses also have endless use cases — from informing customers of business hours to confirming their purchases — so feel free to get creative as you set up your first workflow. You can get started with auto-replies today by signing up for a free trial of OpenPhone.

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