How Awesome Website Guys boosted their responsiveness with OpenPhone

Who are they?

Serial entrepreneur and angel investor Logan Lenz founded Awesome Website Guys to do one thing: develop awesome online presences for small businesses.

Whether you need website maintenance, SEO, or strategic brand consulting, Awesome Website Guys aims to create well-optimized websites by bringing sometimes disparate skills and services under one roof.

The small U.S.-based web agency operates through a collection of sub-brands and micro agencies Logan acquired based on his years of industry experience.  With OpenPhone, Awesome Website Guys can:

  • provide personalized communication to their clients with unique phone numbers tied to their sub-brands
  • automatically forward call and messages to Slack so their entire team stays on the same page
  • prioritize incoming messages and quickly respond when a client request is urgent
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"I would recommend OpenPhone to any serial entrepreneur that wants to use best-in-class tools that will only grow with them."

Logan Lenz

Owner at Awesome Website Guys

The challenge

Owning a flexible and forward-thinking agency, Logan knew he needed a business phone system that’s flexible and forward-thinking too.

After acquiring an agency or two that came with their own legacy phone systems — which included desk phones — Logan began looking for another solution.

Logan needed to consolidate these phone systems, but he didn’t like any of the options he’d previously researched or tried. Options like RingCentral weren’t user-friendly, or they were too pricey.

“Being an entrepreneur that's worked with many of them, I felt there was something better,” says Logan.

"OpenPhone helped me streamline my operations and empower my remote team."

Logan Lenz

Logan Lenz

Owner at Awesome Website Guys
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The challenge

Even when he had a completely separate cell phone for business use, he was still taking far too many business calls on his own phone. “If a customer needs me, I don’t want to give them direct access to my personal number,” Logan says.

For a while, Logan tried a startup business phone provider, JustCall. They weren’t the right fit either, but Logan knew he was getting closer to finding the business phone system he needed.

Logan was looking for a few specific features to support Awesome Website Guys’ day-to-day operations and client communications. Because AWG operates a collection of sub-brands geared toward different audiences, the team responsible for handling incoming calls needed an easy way to know which number a client was calling. That way, they could use the right scripts and tone for that brand.

To improve AWG’s responsiveness, Logan wanted a provider with excellent business texting features as well. “Texting feels noninvasive, and more savvy customers appreciate that they don’t have to call.”

On top of all that, Logan was in the middle of transitioning his team to full-time remote work. He needed a mobile solution that worked even better than the legacy systems he was replacing.

"Our team can send personalized texts and message our clients with no friction."

The solution

As soon as Logan found OpenPhone, he thought it was “serendipitous.” “This is exactly what we threw away the desk phone for,” Logan says. “OpenPhone feels like a text messaging app and looks just like a phone call when it comes through on your device.” This helps AWG work successfully together remotely from their computers and smart devices.

“OpenPhone helped me streamline my operations and empower my remote team,” says Logan.

Immediately, OpenPhone solved AWG’s incoming call issues. Each sub-brand or department has its own unique phone number and a corresponding icon. Now the receptionist team answering each line can easily identify the brand or department each caller intends to reach.

Streamlining collaboration and workflows

AWG’s team also uses the OpenPhone Slack integration to forward calls and messages to Slack. That way, everyone stays in the loop. “We can trigger processes based on calls and text messages. If it's something we already identify as coming from a client, we know we should answer that,” Logan says.

Logan and his team quickly found the call transfer features to be an unexpected benefit. “Even if someone reaches the wrong number and we can transfer them to other team members, that makes us look professional and super big — and gets clients where they need to be,” Logan says. Additionally, features like threads and mentions help their team collaborate remotely and assign work quickly to get clients what they need.

Texting is easier than ever

AWG also dove into business texting full force.  “Our team can send personalized texts and message our clients with no friction,” Logan says.

If they are unable to take a call, their voicemail greeting encourages callers to send a text message. AWG then has auto-replies set up to respond via text automatically to any incoming messages and missed calls.

“It's the human side of doing business in a passive way because everyone is busy. If we see an incoming message is urgent, we can jump in.” Logan explains, “Even our clients love that they can text instead of call and know we will be on top of it.”

Delivering a powerful platform that supports growth

After 18 months of using OpenPhone, AWG couldn’t be happier. “One of the main selling points of OpenPhone for us was the ability to keep space between our personal lives and our business lives,” Logan says. “Everyone almost has their own unique cell phone experience, but through our actual business lines.”

"I would recommend OpenPhone to any serial entrepreneur that wants to look a little bit bigger than they actually are and want to use best-in-class tools that will only grow with them."

Bottom line

OpenPhone streamlines AWG’s day-to-day operations and consolidates client communications, leading to higher responsiveness and better client outcomes.

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