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Leading teams love OpenPhone

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"The shared communications history in OpenPhone is just so valuable. We can all see, at any time, the full conversation history between the company and any individual.”


Jonathan Barkl

Co-Founder and CEO

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“Compared to our old provider, it's so much easier to manage our calls, messages, and team with their user-friendly interface. Our CSM was incredible and made onboarding and launching seamless – we're thrilled with the switch.”


Brock Dusome

Senior Engineering Manager

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"After evaluating 6 or 7 other vendors, we found that only OpenPhone checked all the boxes. It’s just worlds better.”


Brian Thomas

Director of Claims Experience

More collaboration, better communication
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numbers are workspaces

Each phone number inbox acts as a workspace where you can see your team’s conversations with contacts and collaborate on them together.

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Every interaction in a unified view

Automatically record calls, transcribe voicemails, and see call logs alongside texts in one conversation.

No more jumping between apps to piece relationships together.

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Contact details all in one place

Keep track of important contact details that matter to your business with custom properties and notes.

One shared address book allows your team to have everything they need before getting in touch.

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Collaborate as a team with shared numbers

With OpenPhone, your team can work together to support your customers with one seamless experience.

What your team sees

Call and text as a team, see team activity, and problem-solve together in threads.

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What your contacts see

Your customers will experience one, cohesive conversation with your team.

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Rated the best business phone

With an average 4.7 stars and over 1,700 reviews, OpenPhone is the #1 business phone in customer satisfaction on G2.


Why modern businesses use OpenPhone

Automate your workflow

Connect OpenPhone with your favorite tools to help sync contacts, track conversations, and analyze calls.

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Switch from any carrier


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Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer here? Check out our Help Center.

How does it work?
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OpenPhone uses Internet to provide you with additional phone numbers on top of your existing devices. Download OpenPhone on your mobile or use it on the web to make and receive calls and messages.

What devices do you support?
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OpenPhone works on mobile (iOS and Android) and desktop.

Does OpenPhone use my phone plan’s minutes?
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No. OpenPhone uses your Internet connection - wifi or data. This allows you to use the service anywhere in the world.

How good is the call quality?
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On a strong Internet connection you’ll have great call quality, even better than your carrier. We offer a free trial so you can try it and see for yourself.

What countries can I call and text?
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Virtually any country in the world. Calling and texting US & Canadian numbers is included. For other countries, there is a per minute or per message rate based on the destination.

Can I distinguish between business and personal calls?
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Yes. OpenPhone calls show up differently so you’ll be able to know when you get business calls.

What number will my customers see when I call?
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Your OpenPhone number. Your personal phone number stays private.

Can I use my OpenPhone number to receive two factor authentication (2FA) codes?
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In many cases, services that use 2-factor authentication (2FA) don't allow virtual phone numbers to be used during the registration/verification step. We recommend using your personal phone number for registering new accounts and OpenPhone for all other purposes as you see fit.

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