Extract valuable insights from your team’s calls to close more deals.

📝 Automatically transcribe calls

Sync OpenPhone call recordings with Gong to get transcriptions separated by speaker.

🔍 Analyze calls to gain actionable insights

Extract common questions and objections, search for competitor names, view call stats, and more from call recordings.

🤝 Improve collaboration

Share recordings with your team to see what’s working and what can be improved.

Additional info

Gong is a revenue intelligence tool that analyzes your customer-facing interactions across phone, email, and web conferencing to deliver insights and help your team close more deals.

By connecting Gong with OpenPhone, you can sync call recordings and have Gong automatically transcribe your conversations to provide valuable insights.

Get started

Follow these steps to connect Gong with OpenPhone:

  1. Log into the OpenPhone web or desktop app.
  2. Select “Integrations” under the Workspace settings.
  3. Select Gong and click “+ Connect to Gong”.
  4. Gong will ask you to confirm you want to connect your Gong account to OpenPhone.
  5. After you confirm you wish to connect the apps, you’ll be redirected back to the integration settings in OpenPhone.
  6. Scroll down to “Phone Numbers” to select which phone numbers you’d like to sync recordings from.

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