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Google contacts

Google contacts

Google contacts

Import your contacts directly into OpenPhone.

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Sync your Google contacts

View all of your contact information directly in OpenPhone.


Know who’s calling

Ensure that caller ID always shows your contacts’ names and profile photos when they call or text.


Connect multiple Google accounts

Have more than one Google account? Import contacts from multiple accounts so that they’re all in one place.

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Additional Info

Google Contacts makes it easy to store your contacts in the cloud and access them anywhere. By connecting it to your OpenPhone workspace, you can import your contacts to ensure you know who’s calling or texting.

Note: This integration provides one-way sync, sending contacts from Google Contacts to OpenPhone. Additionally, the sync is not continuous. This means that any contacts added to Google Contacts after setting up the integration will not display in OpenPhone unless you manually re-sync your contacts.

Get Started

Follow these steps to connect Google Contacts with OpenPhone:

  1. Log into your OpenPhone account using the web app or desktop app.
  2. Go to your settings by clicking the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner.
  3. Click on Contacts in the left hand sidebar.
  4. Click "Add an integration.” This will direct you to sign in via Google. Once you've signed in your Google Contacts should sync automatically.

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