How Kompa Law streamlines client communication through OpenPhone

Who are they?

Kompa Law is an employment and human rights law firm in Ontario, Canada. “Unlike many firms that offer services outside of employment and human rights law, we dedicate our time and energy to these areas and pride ourselves on providing practical advice in our areas of expertise,” says Founder Samantha Kompa.

Kompa Law delivers a great experience to clients through cost-effective and trustworthy legal advice. As a client-focused small business, they only take cases rooted in facts and that advance social justice. With OpenPhone, Kompa Law can:

  • call and text their contacts from any computer or smartphone
  • simplify managing and following up with clients
  • prioritize client requests
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“OpenPhone is the most important tool in my tech stack to run my digital law firm.”

Samantha Kompa

Founder at Kompa Law

The challenge

Samantha launched her digital legal firm in early 2021. She realized she needed a modern business phone solution that didn’t require a separate dedicated device. “I don’t want to have a landline or fax. That’s not how I work anymore or how I want to work,” says Samantha.

She also knew she wanted to avoid traditional carriers that lock you into expensive contracts. Coming from a legal clinic previously, Samantha didn’t have a book of clients she could bring when she launched her new business.

“Off the bat, who knows how this will go?” recalls Samantha.

“OpenPhone is the perfect solution. It really ticked off all the boxes.”

Samantha Kompa

Samantha Kompa

Founder at Kompa Law
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When Samantha started thinking about non-traditional solutions to business phones, another pressing question came up. “Is this going to be secure? As a lawyer, I have professional obligations I need to meet,” says Samantha.

She also sought to ensure her cell phone number remained private. That meant not giving out her personal phone number to clients, tribunals, courts, or opposing lawyers.

“OpenPhone is the most important tool in my tech stack to run my digital law firm.”

The solution

Using OpenPhone, Kompa Law has a separate work number they can use to communicate securely with clients — right from her existing smartphone or computer. Instead of getting locked into a large contract, Kompa Law pays just $13 per user per month.

“I didn’t need a second device. I didn’t need an expensive monthly contract. I’m able to keep using a phone I already love and just run my business from it, easily, with a separate number," says Samantha.

Signing up for a number is so simple they were able to easily call and text from their existing devices the same afternoon.

“I'm certainly not a tech person, but getting started was super seamless," says Samantha.

Kompa Law has their OpenPhone number on their website, giving them a main line that clients, courts, and other lawyers can call while keeping Samantha’s personal cell number private.

Samantha says, "OpenPhone is the perfect solution. It really ticked off all the boxes."

OpenPhone’s other core features help Kompa Law be more responsive. Following up with clients is also far easier than traditional office phone systems. "I'm pleasantly surprised with OpenPhone and the role it’s taken as an assistant for my practice,” says Samantha.

Managing and following up with clients is easy

With OpenPhone, Kompa Law can see all texts, voice messages, and calls from contacts in one single thread.

"If I'm wrapping up a client's case and send them my reporting letter, I can go back and basically see a transcription based on the texts, calls, and voicemail,” says Samantha.

Saving time using OpenPhone

Since Kompa Law continues to grow, they often aren’t immediately able to listen back to voicemail recordings. OpenPhone lets them quickly review any messages through voicemail transcriptions. Then they can:

  • Find out how pressing of an issue a client calls in about
  • Prioritize their client’s request
  • Gauge whether they need to call back immediately or follow up with them within the hour

Samantha notes, “OpenPhone is the most important tool in my tech stack to run my digital law firm.”

Providing a scalable phone system

As Kompa Law grows, they know they can easily add existing users into their OpenPhone workspace and onboard new staff without needing to buy additional hardware. That way, they don’t have to worry about policies around giving out company phones to new employees.

“OpenPhone is a super simple solution and I'm glad I found it early on as it's easy to grow in usage as my business grows,” says Samantha. “I would recommend OpenPhone to anyone who is starting or already has a business."

Bottom line

OpenPhone helps Kompa Law centralize all their phone and text communication with clients, while also helping them save time on incoming messages.

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