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Real estate text messaging guide: 28 key examples you can use now

Real estate text messaging guide

Real estate is all about location, location, location. 

But it’s also about timing. And delivering for your client hinges on your ability to communicate quickly and efficiently, especially when the market is red hot.

That’s why savvy agents and brokers leverage SMS, or real estate text messaging, to connect with buyers and sellers.   

This guide includes 28 real estate texting template you can use to develop relationships and close sales. We also explain why you should incorporate text messaging using a dedicated business phone number and best practices for texting in real estate. 

Let’s get started. 

5 real estate text message scripts any agent can use

Below are some real estate text message templates you can use as a springboard for interacting with leads and clientsts.  

Keep in mind, you must follow compliance rules for texting and include an opt-out message the first time you text potential and existing clients, such as: “To opt out of text messages, reply STOP.” We also recommend including similar opt-out language if you reach out to a contact you haven’t texted in a while.

1. Lead qualification 

As a realtor, you likely receive texts of the blue where you need to find out who is contacting you and whether they’re a qualified lead or an agent. You can quickly determine where to focus your efforts by reaching out via text.  

Example: Hi [name]. Thanks for reaching out. I’d be happy to help you buy or sell a home. But first, are you a realtor or do you already have one? If you prefer to no longer receive messages, reply STOP.

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2. Past client follow-up 

Repeat business and referrals are critical in virtually every industry, so it’s important to nurture relationships with past clients who may provide repeat business and referrals. Text is a friendly, casual way to keep in touch, whether it’s to invite them to events you sponsor or to grab a cup of coffee.

Example: Hi [name], it’s [your name]. Enjoyed catching up the other day. I hope to see you at my customer appreciation event at [time and place]. To opt out of messages, reply STOP.

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3. Testimonial request

Savvy, experienced real estate professionals like John Ladky of Compass leverage their reputation for generating business. “I’ve been doing this for 30 years, so lead generation is the last thing I want to spend time on. Luckily, I have great clients, and their referrals and testimonials fuel my business. My clients always follow through with a response when I ask for them via text.” 

Example: Hi [name], it’s [your name]. It was great working with you and helping you find the right home. Would you write a review I can share with prospective buyers and sellers? To opt out of text messages, reply STOP.

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4. Scheduling time to chat over the phone

As a busy real estate professional, you need to set clear expectations about available times to chat on the phone. You can use text to propose specific dates and times when clients can book a spot on your calendar.

Example: Hi [name], if you haven’t made any plans for [date/time] yet, I’d be happy to schedule a phone call where we can talk about your goals. Let me know if that works for you, or reply STOP to opt out of future messages.

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5. Text from a lead magnet

If you offer free resources in exchange for personal information (like a phone number), you may want to send a follow-up message thanking your lead for their time. You can also foster a deeper relationship by asking about their needs, which leaves the door open for beneficial conversations in the future.

Example: Hey [name], this is [your name] from [company]. I wanted to say thanks for downloading our [lead magnet]. Do you have any questions about what you’ve read so far? I’d be happy to book a 15-minute chat to discuss things further. If you don’t want any more messages from me, just reply STOP.

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10 real estate text message templates for buyer’s agents

If you’re looking to work with more active buyers, text messaging can help you connect with clients faster and show them you’re a capable professional in your field.

Here are 10 text message templates for buyer’s agents that you can start using immediately.

1. Welcome text

Greeting visitors who submit information through a web form or an SMS opt-in helps ensure you reach out before they move onto another agent.

Real estate text messaging: Welcome text example after someone fills out an inquiry form on a website

Example: Hi [name]. I saw you were looking for homes in [area] on my agency’s website. Do you have some availability to talk more about what you’re looking for? To opt out of messages, reply STOP.

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If you use OpenPhone for your business phone system and HubSpot for your web form, you can use the Zap below using the OpenPhone Zapier integration to automatically text a new lead that completes your HubSpot form. 

2. Inactive buyer follow-up

The homebuyer’s journey can be full of stops and starts. Some clients can get discouraged or exhausted by the process and need a breather before resuming showings. In these situations, a text might be more likely to elicit a response. 

Example: Hi [name], it’s [your name]. Just checking in to see if you’re still hoping to buy a home this year. Wherever you’re at, I am happy to keep sharing property listings that match your requirements. Just let me know. To opt out of messages, reply STOP.

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3. New listing notification

Relying on email or the phone to tell clients about a new property can lead to missed opportunities. Instead, use text to link directly to new listings or to tell them to check their inbox to review strong contenders as soon as possible.  

Real estate text messaging: Text example notifying a prospect of a new listing

Example: Hi [name], it’s [your name]. A few new homes just hit the market that I think you’ll love. Would you like me to send the info? To opt out of texts from us at any time, reply back STOP.

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4. Price change notification

Sometimes, even a modest price adjustment can put a client’s dream home within reach. That’s why you should let them know about price changes immediately.  

Example: Hi [name], it’s [your name]. The owners of [home address] just reduced their asking price by [dollar amount]. Let me know if you want to make an offer. To opt out of messages, reply STOP.

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5. Scheduling a showing

Texting allows you to quickly schedule appointments to help book more showings. 

Example: Hi [name], it’s [your name]. I’m making my schedule for next week. Would you like to see [property address]? If you prefer to no longer receive messages, reply back STOP.

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6. Appointment reminder 

No-shows are incredibly frustrating. Make them less likely by sending an appointment reminder text the day before or the day of scheduled showings. 

Real estate text messaging: Text example for an appointment reminder around a schedule showing.

Example: Hi [name], it’s [your name]. Looking forward to showing you [property address] at [date and time]. If you wish to no longer receive texts from us, reply STOP.

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7. Scheduling time to view a property

Your clients are ready to schedule a viewing of a property of their choice. Rather than wasting precious minutes on back-and-forth emails, you can use text messages to quickly confirm a date and time. You may also want to provide a window of availability so clients have a better idea about when you’re able to host a showing.

Example: Hey [name], I’m so glad you liked the property! Do you have a preferred day or time to visit the home? I can schedule a showing anytime between [day/time] and [day/time]. To opt out of future messages, text STOP.

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8. Following up on scheduling a time to view a home

Research shows most people respond to text messages within 90 seconds, but some clients take a bit longer to respond or require gentle nudging. You can use this template to follow up on your previous messages and remind customers you’re willing to schedule a showing as soon as they’re available.

Example: Hey [name], hope you’re well! I just wanted to check back and see if you still wanted to view [property address]. If so, what days and times work best for you? To opt out of future messages, text STOP.

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9. Following up after a showing

In case at the end of a showing your client says “I need to think about it,” you can schedule a follow-up message to see how clients are feeling after the fact. You can also use this time to send over important documents, including seller’s disclosures, boundary markers, and even appliance warranties. 

Example: Hey [name], great to see you at the showing earlier! I just wanted to check in and see how you felt about the home. I’ve attached the seller’s disclosure you asked for at the bottom of this message. To opt out of future messages, just type STOP.

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10. Congratulating a client after closing

Your successful clients are ready to celebrate the next chapter of their lives, and as their agent, it’s only natural to get in on the fun. You can send a congratulatory text message joining your clients’ celebration while letting them know you’re available to help them find a home in the future.

Example: Hello [name], congratulations on closing on your new home and hope you have a ton of great memories there. Thank you again for letting me represent your family throughout this process, and I look forward to working with you again someday. Let me know if there is anything I can help you with in the meantime.

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13 real estate text message templates for seller’s agents

As a seller’s agent, you need to find ways to manage client expectations both quickly and effectively. Using text messages can help you do both without endless email chains or spending hours on the phone.

Let’s look at 13 text message templates for seller’s agents that you can use in different situations.

1. Welcome text for new inbound leads

Maybe a new lead found your number through word of mouth, or maybe they just subscribed to your newsletter. Either way, you can use this text message template to welcome them to your network and touch base about how you can help.

Example: Hey [name], I’m [your name] from [business]. It’s so good to meet you! Whether you’re looking to sell your house immediately or just within the next 12 months, I’d be happy to chat through some options with you. Do you have some time to talk in the next few days? To stop receiving messages, reply STOP.

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2. Following up text with new lead

Not sure what to send after an initial text? You can use this text messaging template to reach out to new leads and see how you can help them with the home selling process.

Example: Hello [name], this is [your name] from [business]. I got your message through our website. Are you still interested in chatting about putting your house at [address] on the market? Text STOP to opt out of future messages.

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3. Warm lead from a referred client

As you know, following up with a new lead is different from following up with a warm referral. If you’re reaching out to someone who you heard about through the grapevine, you can use this template to let them know you’re happy to help them sell their home.

Example: Hello [name], it’s [your name] from [company. [Client] mentioned you may be interested in putting your house on the market soon. It’s a beautiful place. Let me know when we could find time to meet up. To stop receiving messages, text STOP.

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4. Scheduling time to do an initial walkthrough of property

What do sellers want most after showing interest in working with you as the listing agent? A prompt and speedy response to find time to meet in person. This template helps you build a foundation of trust while setting expectations about when and where you’re available for a review.

Example: Hi [name], this is [your name] from [company]. I just got your inquiry about [address] and would love to schedule an initial review of your property. Do you have any time on [day] around [time]?

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5. Respond to a lead that changes their mind on selling

Not all leads convert into customers. That said, not every lead that changes their mind is lost revenue. It’s a good idea to stay engaged with lost leads to see if there’s anything you can do to ensure a sale in the future.

Example: Hey [name], I’m sorry to hear your plans have changed. Do you think you may still want to sell within the year? If so, I’d be happy to send some market data to help you make an informed decision. If you don’t want to get messages from me anymore, reply STOP.

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6. Showing confirmation example to send to the seller

Showings take time, effort, and coordination — especially when the seller is still living in the home. Sending texts to confirm the details quickly ensures you and your clients are on the same page. 

Example: Hi [name], it’s [your name]. I’ve scheduled a showing for [property address] at [time and date]. Please confirm. To opt out of messages, reply STOP.

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7. Lead nurturing

Staying in touch with people who have expressed an interest in listing their home can pay off. In addition to direct mail, social media, and email, consider using text to reach out in a relevant way like Wade Perry of the Perry Properties Group.

“I have a list of contacts who will be selling and/or buying — maybe not now, but at some point. For some, a change in market conditions will motivate them to take action sooner. We like to incorporate video into these texts, so they know we are only reaching out about their specific situation. This way, they know the message was not a “blast” sent to others too,” says Wade.

Example: Hi [name], it’s [your name]. A few homes just sold above asking price in your area, and it’s likely changed the value of your home. Can I send you an updated estimate of its value? To opt out of messages, reply STOP.

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8. Open house scheduling 

Texting allows you to eliminate unnecessary back and forth around scheduling key milestones like an open house. 🏠

Example: Hi [name], it’s [your name]. I wanted to get your open house scheduled. Choose a time that works for you: [Calendly link]. To opt out of texts from us, reply STOP.

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9. Offer notification 

Of course, you’ll want to share good news like an offer as quickly as possible. Your client will see a text before they see an email or check a voicemail. 

Real estate text messaging offer text example to notify a home seller regarding an offer

Example: Hi [name], good news – we have an offer on your home! Give me a call to discuss. To opt out of messages, reply STOP.

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10. Request for a decision 

Many aspects of homebuying are time-sensitive, and phone and email can stall, even doom the entire process. Texting is the most efficient way to keep things on track. 

Request for a decision real estate text messaging example

Example: Hi [name], it’s [your name]. You mentioned that you wanted to submit an offer for [property address]. Offers are due no later than [date and time]. If you’re still interested, call me asap. To opt out of texts from us at any time, reply STOP.

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11. Network outreach

Some clients make it clear they’ll pay top dollar to get what they want — for example, a home with a three-car garage, large yard, updated kitchen and baths in a premier school district. But, unfortunately, homes that meet their requirements can be in short supply.

Reaching out to your network of fellow realtors or friends who live in target neighborhoods can uncover potential opportunities. 

Example: Hi [name], it’s [your name]. I am working with a homebuyer interested in homes in [area] with [buyer’s requirements]. Do you know of any homes coming on the market or anyone who would entertain an unsolicited offer? If you no longer wish to receive messages, reply STOP.

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12. Realtor preview invite

As you can bet, other realtors are as busy as you are, so text is an easy, effective way to communicate with them too. 

Example: Hi [name], it’s [your name]. I will be listing [property address] soon. I’d love to get your feedback on the home and the listing price during an agent showing on [time and date]. Let me know if you can attend. To opt out of messages, reply STOP.

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13. Away on vacation

Of course, your clients’ search for the perfect home doesn’t pause while you’re on vacation. So use text to let them know ahead of time that you’ll be away.  

Example: Hi [name], it’s [your name]. I will be on vacation from [date range]. My partner, [name], can be reached at [phone number] and will arrange showings and answer your questions while I’m away. To opt out of messages, reply STOP.

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💡 Need to update your voicemail when you’re out? Check out our realtor voicemail scripts for examples you can use.

Why use text messaging from a business number

Consumers have made it clear that they aren’t big on emails from companies — 9 out of 10 want to hear from businesses through text . The average consumer opens and responds to 95% of their messages within three minutes of delivery versus a 20% open rate for emails.

Buying and selling real estate can be fast-paced, requiring constant communication with clients. Waiting for an email response or playing phone tag can result in missed opportunities. Real estate text messaging can help ensure you deliver for your clients.

However, incorporating text can quickly overwhelm a busy real estate professional. Luckily, if you have a dedicated business number, you can text from that number using your preferred device such as your personal phone or computer. Here’s why that’s important.  

Ensures your privacy and minimizes disruption

Some clients assume you’re always available if you schedule showings on weekends. You can avoid evening calls and messages by keeping your personal number private. Using a business number projects that you’re a professional entity with established hours and availability — and you can set clear expectations with prospective and current clients. For example, you can have an away voicemail greeting to inform any callers you’re off for the day.  

In addition, a business number can be taken over by others if you or a teammate move on, minimizing disruption for the client.     

Improves service levels

Texting allows you to interact in real-time and answer questions quickly without spending time exchanging pleasantries over a phone call or email. In addition, conversation history is at your fingertips, allowing you to get up to speed in no time.  

Supports teamwork and makes delegation a breeze

According to Jessica Hubbard of Hubbard Realty Group, “There is an idea in real estate that you are on 24/7. Our brokerage doesn’t operate that way. For instance, if I need to take my mom to a doctor’s appointment, I can mute my line.”

With OpenPhone’s shared business phone number feature, one of her team members can take responsibility for incoming messages until she returns. 

Learn more about how Hubbard Realty Group gives their agents more work-life balance.

Best practices for real estate SMS

While you can be almost certain the recipient will open your text, whether your message is effective is another story. However, by adhering to some best practices and proper SMS texting etiquette, texting can transform your real estate business. 

1. Ask for permission

Before sending texts, ensure potential recipients opt in either through a digital or hard copy form. 

Example of a website form with a disclaimer that informs the visitor they are opting into potentially receiving calls and texts from a real estate agent.

Regardless of whether they’ve indicated a preference for SMS messages, include an opt out clause with every message. Otherwise, your recipient’s carrier could flag your business phone number as spam. 

If you’re using a virtual phone solution like OpenPhone you can also help ensure your messages aren’t being flagged by your recipient’s carrier by mistake. The large US cell carriers now require businesses with local phone numbers to get verified with The Campaign Registry, a third-party organization handpicked by the major carriers, to help prevent their customers from receiving spam. To get your OpenPhone workspace registered, you can complete the US carrier registration form.

2. Give yourself more balance by scheduling messages

Schedule a follow up text message with a prospect in OpenPhone.

You may want to draft a message late in the evening, but not want to go back and forth over text with a client. In OpenPhone you get a dedicated phone for real estate that you can even use to schedule text messages to go out during business hours. 

3. Send personalized messages instead of mass texts

There’s a time and a place for SMS marketing or sending text blasts. For example, your team may integrate its CRM with a business texting service to share information about the real estate market or an upcoming client appreciation event. But most interactions with your existing and potential clients call for a personalized approach through two-way texts.

“My entire team hardcore uses OpenPhone,” says Jonathan Chvala, Founder of DUO. “Not only as an office line but as a way to ensure speed-to-lead with every prospect. It keeps it all centralized.”

Find out how DUO, a Keller Williams office, uses OpenPhone to follow up with leads faster.

4. Ask questions to build trust

Instead of asking yes-or-no questions, frame questions to encourage interaction and build trust. Lori Ballen, a digital marketing strategist and REALTOR® in Las Vegas, NV, suggests asking open-ended questions to generate better results. “For example, ‘When are you planning to move?’ or ‘If you got the right price for your house today, what would that number be?’”

5. Enable auto-replies to help avoid losing new leads

With more than 156,000 real estate agents currently employed in the US and countless agency websites, homebuyers and sellers have many options. So if someone reaches out to you either by calling your number or texting you, you can reply back faster and set clear expectations even when you’re away.

Auto-reply text example for when you're out of office.

All you need to do is enable text auto-replies and you can show you’re responsive and interested in working with them. 

6. Mute notifications during off hours

Most professions carry the risk of burnout — real estate is no different. And if you’ve been busier these last few years, sleep and downtime are even harder to come by. 

While sending and responding to texts from bed or the couch is easy, silencing notifications can help support a better work-life balance. Again, setting auto-replies can lessen the urge to respond immediately.  

7. Establish real estate text messaging standards

Most consumers want to communicate with businesses via text. But be careful not to overdo it. Establish a team or personal standard for how often you reach out to past and current clients and other agents and brokers in your network. 

8. Use snippets for frequently used responses

Send text message templates as snippets from the OpenPhone app.

Typing the same answers repeatedly to potential buyers and sellers wastes valuable time — the same goes for copying and pasting. Using OpenPhone, you can save your standard texts as snippets to fast-track communication and reduce the time spent qualifying web leads.

Just type “/snippets” into the text box and select the snippet you’d like to use. 🙌 

9. Assign action items to teammates 

Assigning a a task to follow up with clients from the OpenPhone app

Text allows you to assign action items or collaborate with team members, and it’s especially useful when facing time constraints. For example, it’s much faster to @mention your assistant to prepare an offer after you get off the phone with a client. 

How teams work together behind the scenes

Find out how Guaranteed Rate, a lending team, helps their vice president look superhuman — helping them develop stronger relationships with their clients.

10. Avoid slang, abbreviations, and jargon

While text messages are supposed to be brief, they should still be professional and written in layman’s terms. So avoid using slang, abbreviations, or jargon your recipients may not understand. For example, use pre-qualify instead of pre-qual.  

Try texting your clients today

There may be times you need to send an email or pick up the phone to reach clients. However, sometimes these channels can cause delays that impact the purchase or sale of a home.

That’s why it is critical to incorporate text into your real estate agent software stack. 

Find out how real estate professionals use OpenPhone to streamline their communication for yourself by trying OpenPhone free for seven days.

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